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If there’s one thing we know about nonprofits, it’s that purpose and passion are more important than a payoff. And honestly, that’s why we have so much love for the sector.  Of course, just because you got into the nonprofit world to make a difference–not a dollar–doesn’t mean you can just ignore the question of money altogether. Finding the time and financial resources to keep your project running is an essential part of nonprofit management. 

That’s where a nonprofit marketing course will set you up for success

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for nonprofits looking to reach new donors and build community around their cause. Fundraising tools and tactics may have changed since the Internet came into the picture, but the need to form authentic connections is as great as ever. Fortunately, a savvy, nonprofit-focused digital marketing and branding campaign is the perfect way to connect with people regionally and around the world who share your passion for making a difference. 

Keeping up with the digital marketing scene is basically a full-time job–especially if your goal is to reach multiple demographics! Platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer historically unprecedented opportunities for rallying people around your cause, but it’s a lot to learn and navigate–we get it. That’s why we created a series of nonprofit marketing courses to help founders keep up with the latest tools, tricks, and trends. 

These are a few of the masterclasses and products offered by Slam Media Lab: 

  1. Instagram for Nonprofits
  2. TikTok for Nonprofits
  3. Nonprofit Website Template
  4. Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Masterclass

Here’s the thing about us: we don’t just keep up with trends–we slam every assignment and we have the awards to prove it. As an award-winning nonprofit marketing agency and web design agency, we work with mission-driven startups, nonprofits, universities, and Fortune 500 companies to boost engagement and drive measurable results. From Webflow to SEO, we do it all. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how nonprofit leaders and managers can benefit from our courses and templates. We’ll also share some of our favorite strategies, case studies, and nonprofit marketing campaigns to set you up for success. 

If you’d like to learn more about collaborating with a nonprofit digital marketing and branding agency, we’re offering a free 30-minute consultation for nonprofits! Sign up below

Learn the Basics of Nonprofit Marketing

Unlike traditional corporate marketing, nonprofit marketing is about building community and inspiring action (as opposed to just making money). At its core, a successful nonprofit marketing strategy connects your organization with its mission and mobilizes engagement around both. 

If you want your nonprofit marketing ideas to turn into concrete outcomes, it’s crucial to understand the basics

First and foremost, your branding must be on point. It needs to capture hearts and minds, making your audience feel like they’re part of your journey. That way, they’ll feel more inspired to support your cause. A winning brand communicates three things about your organization: 

  1. What you do
  2. Why you do it
  3. Why it matters

If your brand needs a refresh and you don’t know where to start, Slam’s got your back. We’re experts in brand strategy and identity, and we’ve helped several nonprofits launch visually stunning digital identities.  

Of course, while branding is a crucial part of digital marketing, it isn’t a stand-alone solution to building robust communities. Reaching people through the internet requires creative nonprofit advertising and a deep understanding of digital platforms and tools. 

Let’s explore a few of Slam’s nonprofit marketing courses and resources, designed to help founders and managers succeed. 

Webflow for Nonprofits

As you probably know, a website is a must-have digital product for any nonprofit organization. Of course, unless you have a magic wand that makes time and resources magically appear out of thin air, you probably don’t love the idea of building a site from the ground up–if you wanted to spend your time dealing with code, you would’ve gone into tech! 

Sadly, we don’t have a magic wand, but we do have the next best thing: Webflow

Webflow is a design platform that makes it possible to build responsive, scalable websites in weeks–not months. As a certified Webflow Expert design agency, we’ve helped several nonprofits create beautifully designed and fully optimized websites that make them stand out from the crowd.  

Check out Slam’s web design products and resources: 

If you’re struggling with your nonprofit website, you can schedule a free 30-min audit with a member of the Slam team. And of course, your best chance at minimizing headaches is to use our nonprofit website template! 

Buy Slam’s Nonprofit Website Template for $79

SEO for Nonprofits

Imagine: a potential donor is looking for a cause to support–a cause that happens to be your area of expertise. They open a browser window, navigate to Google, and type their area of interest into the search bar. In a perfect world, yours is the first nonprofit website they see. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your website appear on the first page of Google search results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer. Through targeted nonprofit content marketing and optimized web design, SEO improves your website’s ability to rank favorably in search engine results. 

Check out Slam’s SEO tools and resources:  

SEO is a great way to boost your traffic and keep your website evergreen. That way, you’ll connect with potential supporters even if they aren’t familiar with your organization’s name.

Tiktok for Nonprofits

We hate to break it to you, but social media is complicated and competitive. In 2024, it isn’t enough to just create a Facebook page and call it a day. If you want to connect with different demographics, you need to meet them where they are, and that means multiple accounts on multiple platforms–each with their own unique strategy. 

If you want to connect with socially conscious Gen Z, your nonprofit needs to be on TikTok. While the viral video app is most well-known for its dance trends and algorithm, it’s also a great way to tell stories and build an enthusiastic following around your cause. As any digital marketer can confirm, going viral on TikTok is a game-changer with the power to transform an organization’s fortunes in an instant. 

Here are a few Slam-built resources to help you up your TikTok game: 

For a comprehensive overview of all things TikTok–including all our templates and planners–check out our TikTok nonprofit masterclass. 

[Buy Slam’s TikTok for Nonprofits Masterclass for $99]

Instagram for Nonprofits

Nonprofit marketing is all about storytelling–if you can do that with images, all the better. When it comes to visual storytelling, Instagram tops the list of influential platforms. Through photos, informational graphics, and narrative videos, your nonprofit can tell its inspiring story to a global community of supporters. 

Another benefit to using Instagram is the wide range of marketing tools and resources available to mission-driven organizations, making it easier to show off your branding and connect with potential supporters through algorithm-based advertising. 

To learn more about how to use Instagram for connecting with supporters, check out our nonprofit Instagram guide. Or, better yet, sign up for our masterclass to learn industry-leading strategies for successful visual storytelling.  

Buy Slam’s Instagram for Nonprofits Masterclass for $99

Outreach for Nonprofits 

Sure, social media is hot right now. But that doesn’t mean the old ways are dead and gone! Nonprofit website outreach, email campaigns, and newsletters are a few of the old-school marketing strategies that continue to be relevant in 2024. 

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, these methods rely primarily on the written word to communicate their message, making them a great way to share stories in more depth, highlight your results with some research or in-depth data analysis, and keep your supporters updated on the status of your work. Furthermore, these formats remain the best way to connect with demographics who don’t use social media. 

At Slam, we’ve seen incredible results from our newsletter where we share regular insights into SEO, website design, content strategy, and more. Sign up today! 

Ultimate Nonprofit Marketing Guide 

If there’s one thing we know about nonprofit leaders, it’s that you’re busy–very busy. And busy people don’t have room on their calendars for a steep learning curve with lots of topics to cover. That’s why we designed a comprehensive nonprofit marketing masterclass covering all the essential topics, must-know topics. 

Our nonprofit marketing strategy masterclass includes: 

  • 4 comprehensive courses on web design (Webflow), SEO, Instagram, and TikTok
  • 10+ hours of digital marketing and branding-focused video content
  • Clone-able templates and trackers for project management and presentations
  • Free access to Slam’s team and Slack channel for Q&A

This class will get you up to date on best practices for growing your social media following, improving your website content, and driving traffic to your site. It’s the ultimate instructional guide you need to slam your digital marketing goals. 

Buy Slam’s Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Masterclass for $299

Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Case Studies

At Slam, we love working with mission-driven nonprofit organizations to boost their digital outreach and maximize the impact of their work. 

From branding to content writing and web design, we do it all

We stand proudly behind our work, and we aren’t shy about showing it off to the world! Let’s explore a few case studies where we helped nonprofits slam their digital marketing goals.  

Brand Strategy & Identity

When it comes to digital marketing, brand identity is everything. In fact, research has shown a clear link between a strong brand strategy and identity and an enduring relationship with the target audience. 

When working with nonprofit clients, one of the first things we consider is the relationship between their branding and their mission–is there synergy and do they complement each other? When designing a nonprofit marketing plan, we often suggest a brand refresh to ensure we set our clients up for success. 

In the case of Peer Health Exchange, a health-focused nonprofit dedicated to providing youth-focused health and wellness resources, they needed to connect with a Gen Z audience.

A scrolling GIF of the Peer Health Exchange optimized website. It is colorful, textured, and fun, with bold fonts and a youthful design.
Source: slammedialab.com

Fortunately, we understood the assignment and showed up with a brand makeover inspired by Gen Z’s love of maximalist design and fun, colorful graphics.  

Read more about how we did it here

Web Design

A professional, user-friendly nonprofit website is a must-have for every organization–no matter your budget and size. It’s the perfect Internet hub for connecting with supporters and educating them about your mission. It’s also a great place to share detailed information about your ongoing work, host a blog, and set up point-and-click donations streams. 

As an agency experienced in nonprofit website development services, we know what it takes to set clients up for success. When Prepared to Teach contacted us about nonprofit website design, we were thrilled to help them achieve their mission of making quality job preparation a reality for everyone who wants to be a teacher. 

A series of six pictures showing students and teachers engaged in the process of learning. The pictures are arranged to cover the lower right diagonal half of a blue square. In the upper left-hand corner appears the Prepared to Teach logo.
Source: slammedialab.com

In addition to a brand makeover, we set Prepared to Teach up with a user-friendly and responsive website featuring helpful resources that are easy to find and interact with. We also focused on Webflow SEO to ensure maximum search engine visibility. 

Find out more about the no-code platform we built here

Content Writing & Strategy

No matter the platform or format, if you want to clearly communicate your mission and values then you need well-written content. In fact, professional copywriting is essential for converting visitor traffic into actual supporters and donors. 

Content writing and strategy involves using compelling words to tell your story through: 

  • Blog posts
  • In-depth articles
  • Social media updates
  • Website content
  • Newsletter campaigns

In the case of our client Kai XR, we used data-driven analysis of social trends to create futuristic, fun, and student-first content to bridge the gap between students and technology. 

A screenshot of the Kai XR website showing three blog articles and their headlines. The colors are bright, fun, and youth-focused. Blog article titles include Five Strategies for Implementing Kai XR in the Classroom, Kai XR Team Spotlight: Meet Darryl Greene, and Kai XR Educator Spotlight: Meet Rodney Williams.
Source: kaixr.com

Read more about how we did it here

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter the strength of your branding and content, no website is complete without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To connect with new supporters, your website needs to appear at the top of search results–even when people don’t search for you specifically by name. 

That’s exactly what Intrax Global Internships needed when they made the excellent decision to partner with Slam. As an organization focused on helping international students with the J-1 visa process, its goal of connecting digitally with students worldwide was critical to success.

A yellow line graph against a dark grey background showing seventeen thousand monthly clicks and five hundred and fifty thousand monthly impressions.
Source: slammedialab.com

To boost the Global Internships page rankings, we crafted a series of fully optimized, expertly written articles addressing topics important to international students. We ultimately delivered measurable results for Intrax, improving its website searchability through keyword research, content creation, on-page SEO, and our characteristic obsession with a fantastic user experience. 

Read more about how we did it here.

Social Media Engagement

In 2024, your nonprofit organization needs to be on social media–no exceptions. Not like that’s a bad thing, of course. Social media offers a wealth of opportunities to mission-driven organizations looking to connect with potential supporters and meet their fundraising goals. 

Whether through TikTok or Instagram, if you want to harness the viral potential of social media marketing then you need a well-planned strategy with custom content tailored to each platform’s algorithms and trends. 

LTX, a leading Latinx professional network, needed to boost registration numbers for its inaugural virtual conference LTX Quest. Naturally, they partnered with the nation’s leading Hispanic marketing agency to make it happen. 

A group of five Latinx women stand smiling and posing for the photo in front of a yellow background emblazoned with 'LTX Quest' and 'LTX Connect' in black lettering.
Source: my.ltxconnect.org

By employing a collaborative and community-focused approach, we successfully leveraged purpose-driven content and influencer-aligned branding to ensure successful registration and participation outcomes for LTX’s event. 

Check out our winning strategy here


If you’re a nonprofit leader, you aren’t selling a product–you’re selling passion and purpose. And if you want people to support your cause, then first you need to make them care. That’s why nonprofit storytelling is arguably one of the most critical elements of a successful nonprofit marketing campaign. 

By highlighting your organization’s unique story and community members, you can show off your process and results to social media followers and website subscribers. 

California-based nonprofit Fresh Approach has fought food inequality since 2008. They’ve evolved a lot as an organization over the past decade, and their brand was overdue for some evolutionary progress, too. 

A grid of images showing farmers, community members, and a selection of produce including carrots, tomatoes, onions, kale, and more.
Source: slammedialab.com

As project partners, we used our extensive knowledge of brand strategy and design to create a visual identity capturing Fresh Approach’s strong connection with food, land, and community. We made it our mission to capture the organization’s connection with the diverse residents they serve–and we’re proud of the results we delivered. 

Check out our winning strategy here

How to Partner with a Nonprofit Digital Marketing Agency

At Slam Media Lab, our commitment is to nonprofit founders and organizations. There’s nothing we love more than helping mission-driven people achieve their digital marketing goals. 

We’ve even won awards for our next-level results! 

We’ve designed an entire catalog of tools, tips, and resources to help nonprofits succeed. From brand makeovers to Search Engine Optimization, we’ve got your back. 

Here are just a few of the services we offer our nonprofit clients: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Webflow Design & Development
  3. Content Writing & Strategy
  4. Brand Strategy & Identity

Our team of experts would love to work with you on developing customized strategies to accelerate your mission and build the community connections you need to thrive. 

Contact us today to learn more about our professional nonprofit marketing services. Let’s work together to slam your goals and change the world! 

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