SEO Article Template and Checklist

If you're looking to improve your website's organic traffic, you likely are thinking of how to start implementing an SEO strategy. But if you’re new to SEO, it probably feels a little overwhelming.

If you’re looking to dabble in SEO, we recommend starting with a content-focused SEO strategy. And at the core of a content-focused strategy is articles and landing pages. If you’re in a competitive industry, you might be asking yourself “how will I ever break into the ranks?”. Over the last 5+ years, our team has helped teams across competitive industries write and rank content, out ranking pages that have held onto top positions for years.

At the core of this is our SEO Article Template — a document template that helps you ensure your content is high-quality, keyword dense, and search engine-optimized from day 1.

SEO Article Writing Template: Comprehensive Checklist

Once you’ve completed your keyword research (and if you haven’t done this yet, start with our SEO Keyword Research Template), you’re ready to start writing. Here’s where the magic of our template comes in.

Aside from the content that you’ll be writing, we’ve created several steps to make sure you start off on the right foot:

  • A checklist of ranking factors that Google looks for
  • An outline of both research, structure, and internal links
  • Meta information reminders
  • Resources for writers to get started quickly
  • Keyword research information

Having all of this information all in one place has made a huge difference in content output. Our writers have stayed more informed, focused, and share pieces that require less intervention and editing in the end.

An SEO Writing Template Doc That Brings Results

Our article template has been used for 5+ years across a wide array of industries, business sizes, and competitive topics. From SMBs looking to optimize their blog, to specific nonprofit SEO teams, to generating 10+ articles per month for VCs, edtech companies, fintech companies, and government contractors, this tried and true template has been our secret weapon.

And we’re giving it away for FREE!

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And if you have any questions along the way, we’re just an email away to help. Sign up and get on the road to rank today!

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