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Technical SEO Audit Template

Is your website optimized for *everything*? Guarantee your site runs fast, reaches its largest audience, and gives your visitors the best possible experience with Slam’s Technical SEO Audit Template.
Dozens of Technical SEO Audits Done for Our Clients Including
Elemental Excelerator
Kai XR
Upright Education
WITH Wellness
Ukraine Rises
Technical SEO Audit Template

Running Into Issues When Attempting Your own Technical SEO Audit, or Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Many sites across the web look good, but don’t run effectively as they should because technical SEO is overlooked. Make sure your site looks great and runs better by addressing these pain points.

I don’t have time to conduct thorough technical SEO audits

Short on time? Our template streamlines the SEO audit process, allowing you to conduct comprehensive checks in a fraction of the usual time.

I have difficulty keeping up with all the technical SEO updates

In a field where change is the only constant, staying ahead can be daunting. Our up-to-date template reflects all the latest developments in technical SEO, ensuring you're always equipped with current best practices.

I get lost with all the jargon of technical SEO

Canonical URLs and image compression throwing you for a loop? Our technical SEO Audit Template demystifies the terminology and clarifies the purpose of each element.

I have some SEO knowledge but don’t want to miss anything

Simplify processes while still performing the comprehensive technical SEO audit your site needs. Our step-by-step guide, designed for all levels of SEO know-how, guarantees every part of your site’s backend will be fully optimized.

I don’t have the tech background needed to perform technical SEO audits

Unsure what’s slowing down your site, or even where to begin to find out? Our technical SEO audit template serves as the perfect guide for even the least tech-savvy person.

What's Included in Our Technical SEO Audit Template?

From our comprehensive guide on performing technical SEO audits to an easy-reference glossary to help you fully understand SEO terminology, you’ll receive all the resources you need to master technical SEO audits.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

We’ve already helped dozens of clients improve their sites and boost traffic with technical SEO audits. Hear what they have to say!

Don’t hesitate to use this technical SEO audit template. Slam delivered a comprehensive technical SEO audit for our website that really informed how to build a website that performs. Plus, there were lots of terminology that we were not very familiar with and we truly learned SO much!!!

LiAnn Ishizuka
Sr. Design Program Manager
Panasonic Well

Slam is an incredible SEO marketing agency that has helped us drive tremendous value for our company. I was referred to Silvia by one of our investors, and I can’t recommend them enough! They are experts in the education tech space and are always forward-looking, fast-paced, responsive, and really good at copy. We’re already ranking #1 for competitive keywords with a beautiful, technical SEO optimized website.

Kai Frazier
CEO & Founder
Kai XR

Slam really helped us optimize the site for UX, SEO, and speed. They worked on optimizing the website's performance and speed by removing unused plugins and unnecessary code. They also conducted a comprehensive technical SEO site audit and resolving issues such as padding and spacing, linking issues, and navigation problems would contribute to improved user experience and website functionality.

Samantha Martin
Communications Manager

Optimize for Website Success With Our Technical SEO Audit Template

Improve your website’s performance, grow in search results, and give your visitors the best user experience.  Buy our Technical SEO Audit template now, and see fast, long-lasting results!


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