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Global Internships: Demystifying the J-1 visa process for international students

Navigating the US visa application process can feel like rocket science. Luckily, Intrax Global Internships keeps applicants firmly on the ground with their years of expertise. In an effort to share their deep knowledge with an even larger portion of prospective interns, they partnered with us for a long-term SEO engagement.

How can we amplify deep visa knowledge for interns worldwide?

With articles optimized for search, written for students, and oriented towards action.

Intrax Global Internships’ mission is to provide high-quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures, inspire personal growth, and prepare individuals to succeed as global citizens. The company simplifies legalities across borders to help interns secure J-1 visas. Through Global Internships, people from around the world gain international work experience and companies in the US gain new global perspectives on business. 

The Project

Intrax (Global Internships’ parent company) reached out to Slam to grow their website traffic to attract both more international students and employers looking to hire interns abroad. We both knew there was an incredible opportunity. Through our engagement with Global Internships, we were able to bring hundreds of thousands of students answers to their burning J-1 visa questions.

What we did

Content Writing
On-page Optimization
Competitive SEO Strategy
Keyword Research

Slam Media Lab are our trusted SEO partners. Great quality content matched with extensive keyword research and grouping that performs. They've grown our organic traffic within a few weeks, ranking #1 for many topics. Unbelievable brilliance and grit. We're excited to continue working with them.

Dennis Wong

Chief Executive Officer


Global Internships

Providing quality and up-to-date visa information for students

Finding digestible, accessible, and current information on confusing visa processes is difficult for students living outside of the US. To remedy this, we produced dozens of research-backed, to-the-minute articles about the J-1 process. The best part is that these articles directly routed students to benefit from Global Internships’ services, benefiting both parties.

“There was a huge opportunity to create high-quality content and a hub for international students around the process of getting a visa. As someone who has gone through it, we knew that this was a unique approach to competitors.”

Silvia Li Sam
Founder & CEO

Creating a comprehensive guide for students by their country

Canada is a top sending country for J-1 internships. In an average year, upwards of 2,500 individuals travel from Canada to the US for an internship program.

We quickly identified Canadian students as a large market for Global Internships to engage with. To generate a connection, we wrote a search optimized, comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of a J-1 program. In less than a year,  93K individuals saw the piece in search results and over 2K clicked the link, and these numbers continue to trend upward.

Engaging thought leaders in US business

A top priority for Intrax Global Internships is connecting with companies that can provide quality programs for international students.

To support the Global Internships team here, we researched keywords that target business leaders interested in starting international internship programs. We then began to push out content optimized with these keywords. These pieces receive thousands of clicks and continue driving companies to work with the Global Internships team.