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Prepared to Teach: Building Affordable and Sustainable Teacher Residencies

Managing a website with an old CMS where you don’t even have control is a painful process. We partnered with leading education nonprofit Prepared To Teach to move their website from WordPress to Webflow, while refreshing their new brand.

How can Prepared to Teach amplify its brand influence to schools and educators?

By crafting a brand system and designing a website that embody a future-oriented, educator-first, and optimistic approach.

Prepared To Teach partners span the country to make sure everyone who wants to be a teacher can afford to attend a quality preparation program.

The Project

Prepared To Teach has dozens of resources for organizations and educators across the country looking to pivot towards paid teacher residencies. Using this scope, we envisioned a website that gets users excited to see the resources, while making it easy to find them.

What we did

Webflow Design & Development
No-Code Platform and Systems Building
Responsive Website Design
Landing Page Design & Development
On-page Optimization
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Illustration, Motion, and Graphic Design

We successfully transitioned to owning and hosting our own site! We have now full control of a beautiful, fast, and easy to use website. Plus, all of our resources look amazing and optimized for search. We’re absolutely thrilled!

Charlotte Wells

Media and Communications Manager


Prepared to Teach

A brand built for educators

We worked with Prepared To Teach to craft a visual identity that plays off the concepts of building blocks to support teachers across the country. Using a combination of playful geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and a bold font, we constructed a versatile identity that is clean, modern, and sophisticated. From there, we expanded this visual system into our redesign of their website.

Content migrations shouldn’t be a big lift for anybody. With our proven approach, we streamlined the process by organizing years' worth of valuable resources into a database that allowed us to categorize content by author, category, and type. The transformation from the old WordPress setup to our new Webflow CMS was not just a change but a significant improvement, eliminating confusing links, slow loading, and limited control. Now, their content is organized, accessible, and easy to update!

Silvia Li Sam
Founder & CEO

Migrating years of resources to a new, easy-to-use resource hub

Simplifying years' worth of important resources into an easy-to-use hub was a challenge. We built up an Airtable database to transfer and re-categorize resources. Unlike the old setup on WordPress—which had confusing links, slow loading, and limited control—our new Webflow CMS is flexible, fast, and optimized for SEO from day one.

Tracking user engagement from day one

  • GTM tracking on all assets
  • By integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, we helped Prepared To Teach gain more insights on their users. We tracked downloads, clicks, and time engaged. As nonprofits share data with their funders and partners, this has been an invaluable resource for the organization.