$79 Nonprofit Website Template Built by Marketing Experts

Designing a website can be time-consuming, and, as a nonprofit, your every minute is vital to your mission. Let Slam lend a helping hand. Introducing our nonprofit website template—designed by marketing experts, trusted by large and small nonprofits across the country.

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Who is This Nonprofit Website Template For?

Is your website matching the dynamism of your nonprofit’s mission? With user-friendly design features, built-in SEO capabilities, nonprofit fundraising tools, and ADA compliance from site launch, our nonprofit website template is ready to serve your needs the way you serve others! Check out all the nonprofits our template has assisted, including:

  • Public Health Nonprofit Website Template
  • Animal Nonprofit Website Template
  • Charity Nonprofit Website Template
  • Educational Nonprofit Website Template
  • Agricultural Nonprofit Website Template
  • Co-op Nonprofit Website Template
  • and more!

What’s Included in Our Nonprofit Website Template?

Slam aims to help nonprofit websites as much as your nonprofit helps others, which is why we offer such comprehensive template features as:

  • Templates with the necessary nonprofit website template features to launch a fully-functional site for your nonprofit, including About, Contact, Programs, Donate, and more!
  • Donation Services that can easily integrate with your favorite donation software
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) nonprofit template from the get-go, making it easy for Google search results to locate and return your website
  • Convenient and comprehensive video tutorials to walk you through setting up your website
  • ADA compliance
  • Easily editable and revisable templates to fit your content
  • Email support from our expert designers
  • Resource hub to host all your press releases, videos, blogs, pdfs, reports, and more

What Features Do Slam Nonprofit Website Templates Include?

Is your nonprofit reaching its widest possible community? Many nonprofits today are reliant on their immediate surroundings for support. With an optimized and eye-catching website, you can rest assured your mission spreads . Check out all the features you’ll receive, including:

  • Donation Showcase
  • Resources Hub Showcase
  • Impact Showcase
  • Mission Services
  • Animation and Video Integration
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration

Nonprofit Website Template Pages: What’s Included?

Highlight your nonprofit’s specialties with all the templatized pages you’ll need, including:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page
  3. Landing Page(s) for Programs, Reports
  4. Resource Hub and Blog Page
  5. Contact Page
  6. Donate Page
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What Makes Our Nonprofit Website Templates SLAM?

While you’re busy helping others, dozens of sites and organizations are designing ways to help your nonprofit. So, what sets Slam apart from other like-minded and mission-forward design agencies? Check out what makes our nonprofit website template SLAM, including:

  • World Class Design by World Class Designers: Slam has spent years designing sites and perfecting website templates for everyone from nonprofit startups to internationally-recognized organizations.
  • Documentation to Own and Take Control: We built the car; now we’re giving you the keys. Manage all documentation to fit your needs and preferences, and sit in the driver’s seat of your next nonprofit website design.
  • Prioritized SEO and Conversion: Many designers start with the aesthetics; our builds prioritize search results, reservations, and online orders, streamlining the technical side for you.
  • Highly Visual and Aesthetic Layout: Our templates are crafted for SEO and conversion without losing any of the visual appeal. Our highly visual and aesthetic layout makes for a simplified, enjoyable design experience.
  • Responsive Design with Animations: Be certain your website is ****working as fast as you are. We ensure your site speed is optimized—with responsive mobile design—to bring your users the best possible experience.
  • Customizable Options to Make it Your Own: No two nonprofits are the same, which is why Slam designs our templates to be customizable to meet your unique needs, ensuring you end up with a website you love.
  • Built to Scale: Never worry about technical aspects, website traffic, or expansion issues; our sites are built to scale with every new member, chapter, and/or location in your nonprofit’s journey.