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LTX Quest: Celebrating and Connecting Latinx Professionals

Collaboration eclipses competition at LTX, an organization on a mission to provide more networking opportunities for Latinx professionals. To make this happen in the midst of a pandemic, the LTX team called us in to run marketing for their first virtual digital conference.

How do we connect a digital community of Latinx professionals in the midst of the pandemic?

By showing our culture from the POV of Latinx creators and entrepreneurs

LTX Quest is the largest professional gathering of Latinx professionals in the US. The team values collaboration over competition and is on a mission to provide more connection opportunities for Latinx professionals in media, entertainment, advocacy, and technology sectors. Through our marketing push in 2021, LTX Quest attracted over 5,000 attendees.

The Project

To drive registration for LTX Quest, we leveraged multi-channel social media & community engagement marketing tactics. Purpose-driven content and influencer-aligned branding kept our accounts relevant. Event teasers encouraged off-platform engagement.

What we did

Social Strategy
Audience Research
Editorial Programming & Management
Content Creation & Production
Email Copywriting
Illustration, Motion, and Graphic Design

There’s no other person to lead social than Silvia and Kyle. We hosted LTX Quest and reached millions of people organically through Instagram. But what was most impressive is that the strategy helped build deep connections with our community.

Lili Gangas

Co-Founder of LTX Connect


LTX Connect

Driving website traffic with deep engagement

Our multi-pronged approach to LTX socials spanned three platforms and included artist calls, open giveaways, and direct messages to our target audience. These actions engaged audiences and drove users to the LTX website. The result? 56K website pageviews. 

The best way to bring the community is through culture and not just telling people ‘come to our event.’ Our strategy was focused on building relationships at scale. This meant getting to know people who followed us on different channels, discussing ideas for the event, learning what they wanted to see on social, and engaging them through the content.

Silvia Li Sam
Founder & CEO

Staying ahead of the curve and inside the community

We kept LTX Quest’s spirit of community and focus on contemporary issues burning by A) posting content generated by users B) engaging through DMs to Tweets in real time and C) Staying tuned to trending topics that our audience cared about.

Leveraging the latest tools for influencer and social marketing

To market LTX Quest, we decided to forgo traditional ad channels in favor of cutting edge options: influencer marketing and reels. These channels grew giveaway participation, kept LTX relevant, and generated event excitement.