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Hey, we’re happy you found us! We’re Slam Media Lab (Slam), a fast-moving nonprofit marketing & web agency in the SF Bay Area that delivers high-impact web design, content marketing, and SEO solutions to companies on a mission to shape the future. A mouthful? Yes. Totally true? Also yes.  

A lot of our strength as a team comes from our shared backgrounds in nonprofit work in education, health, immigration, climate, and more. In other words, we’re experts in:

  • Using evergreen content to reach millions of people
  • Leveraging grassroots community efforts to generate big impact
  • Creating marketing tools that can be used by non-technical teams
  • Designing online experiences that lead to conversions

We’ve served as an online marketing agency for nonprofit organizations including, Peer Health Exchange, XQ, Microsoft’s Community Skilling Initiative, and LTX Connect. Through our work, we’ve helped these mission-driven nonprofits find creative ways to win big!

In other words, we’re super psyched to be sharing some top-notch website, social, and SEO strategies with you and your nonprofit. If you’re ready to partner with us, fill out this form (takes less than 1 minute).

Nonprofit Marketing Agency Services & Overview

We’re one of the best nonprofit marketing agencies based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re at the heart of the most innovative companies, and applying online strategies to help nonprofits grow, stand out, raise money, and engage with their community!

Below we’ll break down the services we offer as an award-winning nonprofit marketing agency:

  1. Website Design & Development
  2. SEO Optimization
  3. Content Strategy & Writing
  4. Brand Identity & Strategy

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Website Design & Development for Nonprofits

At the center of your vision and mission is your website. As one of the first things people check out when they hear about you for the first time, you want to make sure the site makes an impression. As a nonprofit marketing agency, we know the challenges nonprofits face when it comes to building a website that scales, stands out, and can make an impact in the community. And we’ve won awards doing it!

A graphic showing the awards Slam Media Lab has won for nonprofits
Some of the awards we've won!

Nonprofit Web Design & Development Best Practices

This is why we wrote a guide on nonprofit website best practices! Save this so you can have a checklist for your new website. The TLDR is that your website should:

  1. Be easy to find – Making sure the site is discoverable via SEO. We have a guide on nonprofit SEO!
  2. Scale – Your work and priorities will change over time. Make sure your website can keep up with that! Your site should load fast, and update quickly every time you need something new added.
  3. Designed for your users – Is your audience young people or maybe workers trying to learn tech skills? Make sure it’s easy to navigate and that the branding and language speaks to them.
  4. Be mobile friendly – Almost 60% of web traffic comes from mobile users. Ensure your site is optimized for people finding you through their smartphones.
  5. Donation tools that work for you – Incorporating donations directly into your website can significantly boost your fundraising efforts by providing visitors with a simple and effective way to support your cause. Our top three picks: Donately, Donorbox, GiveForms
  6. A clear call-to-action – Pick 1-2 goals, and make sure your buttons and call-to-actions drive to that. Some common goals are: donate, volunteer, read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, etc.

And the most important part of your pages – design and write above the fold.

At Slam, we follow all these best practices to perfect your nonprofit website! Additional questions to ask yourself when designing your nonprofit website:

  • Who’s looking at your website?
  • How are they looking at your website?
  • Why are they looking at your website?

How We Slam Nonprofit Web Design & Development

Our work has won design awards in user experience, beautiful user interfaces, and innovation. What makes us stand out? 

  • We destroy the game in branding, creative website design, and development. We are masters in both Webflow and WordPress, while giving our input in SEO (one of our strengths, too).
  • We're always focused on giving our clients' sites a fresh, modern, and impressive brand image. Our vision is to ensure the site is visual, informative, and encourages the user to engage. You only have 1 chance to make a first impression, so let's impress them!
  • No matter what projects we work on, we bring our expertise of visual storytelling, powerful growth-driven strategy, and conversion driven design.
  • We've done big migrations from messy, legacy sites and have given them a new life.
  • Our nonprofit core industries range from education and policy, to health and wellness, to climate, immigration, and environment.

Nonprofit Marketing Web Development Services

  1. Web development and design
  2. No-code platform and systems
  3. Landing page design and development
  4. Website migration
  5. Programmatic pages
  6. Branding
  7. Monthly plans to update your website

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homepage of health nonprofit designed by award winning nonprofit marketing agency
Design & SEO Optimization for

SEO Optimization for Nonprofits

SEO is our superpower! Most web designers miss all the basics SEO optimizations. You don’t want to hire a third party to manage that. Your nonprofit website should be SEO optimized from day one. (If you’re new to SEO, take a look at our nonprofit SEO guide or download our SEO terms guide).

We could talk to you about SEO, but our results prove our point. Time and time again, we’ve helped nonprofits make SEO their #1 marketing channel. We’ve grown nonprofit websites from 5K to 30K searches/month by creating evergreen content and creating a personalized SEO strategy to showcase resources & content the way Google likes it!

Yes, it is possible.

Nonprofit SEO Marketing Agency Services

At Slam, we’ve made it happen with the following services:

  1. Keyword research & opportunity analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your website’s keywords and what your competitors are ranking for to figure out your opportunities!
  2. Content writing and management – all of our copywriters are trained to write for SEO & for strong storytelling. If you want to do it at scale (20-30-40 articles per month, we got you)!
  3. On-page optimization – We do this by ensuring we add the relevant keywords to your site. Many designers and marketers skip this step. Not us.
  4. Local SEO – Is your nonprofit local to a city/area? We have partnered with nonprofits and small businesses to outrank their competitors in a couple of months.
  5. Technical SEO done right – Site performance matters! This is why we give you recs on how to improve your site performance, and even help you fix them, so Google can see that your site is slamming!

Slam’s SEO Results as a Nonprofit Marketing Agency

The results speak for themselves. We’ve helped nonprofits scale their writing to match what users are searching with your resources, mission, and goals! In two-ish years, we set the foundation for this strategy and went from 5K to now 33K searches per month!

chart showing growth of nonprofit's work
A nonprofit organization's SEO growth

Ready to rank for the right keywords? Book time to get a free 30-minute consultation!

P.S. If you’d like to check out SEO resources, take a peek below:

Content Writing & Strategy

In the midst of all the noise in all digital channels, our content strategy and writing cuts through it all and speaks directly to your target audience. Trying to reach Gen Z or Gen X? We gotchu. We’ve helped reach youth, schools, community organizations, professionals, and more with strong copywriting that tells a story!

Nonprofit Marketing Agency Services for Content

At Slam, we know how hard it is to get your copy and message across, especially when you’re juggling so much! From blog posts to social to email, there’s a lot to produce. But don’t worry – we’ve done it over and over and we have the results to prove it! 

Results for a short nonprofit marketing campaign for Latinx professionals

Our services include:

  1. Social strategy – Elevate your social media game, from tweets to the latest trendy TikToks! Our team will help you connect with the right people, grow your accounts, take advantage of topical and timely moments, while boosting your engagement!
  2. Audience research – Don’t leave your content success up to chance. Let’s connect with your audience and figure out what they care about! Through community input, brand discovery workshops, and past analytics, we identify what truly resonates with your audience. From memes to messaging, we craft content that works for your brand and helps you achieve your goals.
  3. Editorial programming & management – Scaling content and processes is one of our superpowers. Maximize your content output with a calendar that can handle it all. Our expertly crafted calendars ensure your content is delivered at a consistent rhythm, making it easier for you and your team to develop more and more!
  4. Content creation & production – At our one-stop-shop, we handle all aspects of content production in-house, from scripting to filming, directing to editing, and shipping. This includes TikToks, reels, tweets, ads, social posts, and more. Our team is constantly scouring the internet for inspiration to ensure that the content we create is both cutting-edge and on-trend, so you can confidently stand behind it.
  5. Email copywriting – Email isn’t dead. We ensure your newsletters and emails are not just read, but also lead to conversions, by crafting engaging and valuable content that resonates with your audience.

Ready to crush your content strategy? Get a quote!

Want to check our nonprofit marketing resources? Download them below:

Brand Strategy & Identity

A website and content doesn’t mean much without a brand that shows who you are. Our team of designers, writers, artists, and producers have been creating impactful brands from scratch. We kickstart the process with our unique discovery process, where we dive deep into your vision and values. This allows us to create a comprehensive brand that goes far beyond just a logo, reflecting your nonprofit's identity in its entirety.

A slide showing a brand guide's colors and font pairing
Font and color pairing for one of our clients

Brand Identity and Strategy Agency for Nonprofit Services

Our services include:

  1. Brand strategy – Communicating your brand effectively can be a challenge, even if you know it inside and out. Sometimes words aren't enough, which is where great design comes in. Fortunately, it's a language we're fluent in! Our team of designers will partner with you to create visuals that capture your brand's essence and make it stand out.
  2. Brand identity – We’ll help you create a complete experience that encompasses everything from the colors you choose to the words you use to the way your website comes to life with animations. Our team of nonprofit marketing experts have built, grown, and rebranded world-class nonprofits by taking our clients' visions and turning them into comprehensive brand experiences.
  3. Art direction – Need to make an impression with your landing page, donation page or board meeting? Look no further! We’ll help you 10x your brand, elevate your style, and deliver a concise visual message.
  4. Illustration, motion & graphic design – Elevate your brand with our dynamic design work, tailored to make you stand out on all platforms - from social media feeds to big screens. Whether you need assets for social, ads, OOH, presentations, videos, or something in between, we’ll deliver. You name it, we make it.
  5. Email design Bump up your brand to the top of their inboxes. Our expertly crafted emails are beautifully branded and optimized with effective calls-to-action to give your audience a delightful inbox experience.

Our team of industry leading nonprofit designers will be there for you at every level. Creating a strong brand identity takes a lot of effort, but we make the process seamless and easy for our clients. Our team collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring that we understand your vision and deliver impactful designs that perfectly represent your brand. Let’s partner!

Looking for the secret to SLAMMING your website build? Download our Nonprofit Website Template and find out!

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Webflow Design & Development
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