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Website Launch Checklist

Our website launch checklist is comprehensive, adaptable, and is designed around ensuring every detail is buttoned up before you hit publish for the first time.
1000s of Agencies, Devs and Designers have downloaded this checklist
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Kai XR
Upright Education
Peer Health Exchange
Website Launch Checklist

Are you experiencing any of these pain points?

Many agencies, developers, and designers faced at least one of these challenges. Ultimately, they all overcame them and crushed it.

Worried about last-minute surprises and glitches on launch Day

Concerned about unexpected hiccups right before your website goes live? Our Website Launch Checklist acts as your safety net, covering every crucial detail to prevent last-minute surprises and glitches. With QA reminders, performance audits, and SEO settings, we ensure your website launch is a stress-free success.

Don't have the step-by-step on how to launch a website properly

We got you. Our Website Launch Checklist serves as your comprehensive roadmap, guiding you through the process from design to functionality, ensuring every detail is addressed before your site goes live.

Lack of structure in QA process

We hear this all the time. Our Website Launch Checklist provides a structured framework, separating pre and post-launch tasks, and includes subtasks to streamline the process. It also allows for easy project management with status and owner fields, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and nothing falls through the cracks.

Why do you need a Website Design Checklist?

Picture this: you’ve just connected your domain to your website and the site you’ve spent months working on is now live. You’re so excited to have reached the finish line, and you just sent an email to 100+ people letting them know your site is live. What a relief that this daunting task is now complete! You get an email reply from the CEO of your company. The first thing they noticed is your site loads funny in Firefox, which you never thought about because you use Chrome for everything. That sense of relief seems to have left the building just as soon as it arrived.

What’s Included in our Website Redesign Checklist

Our website launch checklist has been custom designed for our workflow, but can easily adapt to yours.

At Slam, we focus on Webflow Design & Development (we’re a Webflow Expert Agency, too!). As you dig into our template here, you’ll notice a lot of the pieces are written specifically for a Webflow developer. But even if you use another CMS (like WordPress, Drupal, Editor X, etc.) a lot of the same principles transfer!

Our checklist covers:

  • Important items separated between pre and post launch
  • QA reminders for design items that are often overlooked
  • Quick ways to audit the speed and performance of your site (and then make it better!)
  • Reminders to set SEO settings like sitemap controls, metadata, and more
  • Analytics tools to help you track performance and traffic

In addition, we also work in Notion for most of our workflow. Our checklist is built in Notion as well to easily integrate with our task system. However, Notion makes it really easy to manage things like status, comments, project phases, timelines, and more.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We’ve redesigned countless websites for our clients at Slam over the last several years. And even before that our team sat on the other side, managing websites for internal teams at some of the biggest tech startups and national nonprofits.

Slam was incredible to work with! Before we moved our work in-house, they became our go-to Webflow partners. They helped us design and develop 4 high-quality micro-sites for our partners, and migrate 10+ Webflow projects in a short timeline, allowing our marketing efforts to accelerate. Extremely organized, fast, and very easy to work with. Really hope we get to work together soon, Nancy, Kyle, and Silvia!

Kate Sweeney
VP of Operations
Upright Education

The Slam Team was exceptional to work with. Great designers, marketers and agencies are able to connect an idea and a concept and turn them into something beautiful that scales and works. After the launch, they supported us with a lot of documentation and sent us Loom videos so we can take over our own site. It really shows how much they care about their customers

Hardy Farrow

The Slam team was extremely professional and attentive to our needs. Our web lead was extremely diligent in the face of multiple timeline changes due to changes in our timeline. The project surpassed expectations, driving registrations and promoting our work. It has been so well-received by our community and partners that we’re expanding the project. You know a company by its people — and Slam has amazing people with a diverse and strong background.

Summer Hess
Website and Content Lead
Community Skills Initiative

We partnered with Slam as our go-to Webflow agency and loved working with them. They were responsive and helped us launch multiple landing pages for important company milestones. In addition to executing urgent requests, they also helped us audit, document, and optimize our complex site to ensure a great UX as we scale. Their team was adaptable to our fast pace, evolving company needs and ensured our initiatives were set up to thrive. I’d highly recommend them!

Rustin Coburn
Former Director of Marketing

Let's talk about The Slam team. They are one of the most dedicated, smart, and organized teams I've worked with in my professional career. It's not just about what they did – they built an amazing site and developed kickass content for us. It's HOW they did it. They did the work with energy, gusto, drive, and care. We had a clear vision for the brand, work and writing, and the whole crew just built a FIRE website with SEO-optimized content. When working with an agency, you want to work with a team like Slam. I’d 1000% recommend working with them, and I have no doubt they're going to win all the awards.

Bryan & Amy Lattimore
WITH Wellness

Slam Media Lab successfully created a functional website that was visited by thousands of users. The client’s film also received positive feedback for its screening. They were collaborative and provided valuable guidance to support and help the internal team’s online presence to the next level.

Sarah Baltazar-Pinheiro
Creative Producer
The Death of My Two Fathers

"We’ve been working with Slam for months now and they have been nothing short of amazing. They are absolute rockstars — super responsive, transparent, upfront, and fast. Their team is beyond talented and they have helped us build a better website that is already ranking for trends we’re spotting, brands we’re highlighting, and stories we’re amplifying. Thank you Slam!"

Brian Yip
Former Marketing Lead

“Slam Media Lab is an incredible SEO and Webflow marketing agency that has helped us drive tremendous value for our company. I was referred to Silvia by one of our investors, and I can’t recommend them enough! They are experts in the education tech space and are always forward-looking, fast-paced, responsive, and really good at copy. We’re already ranking #1 for competitive keywords with a beautiful website and content.”

Kai Frazier
CEO & Founder
Kai XR

We successfully transitioned to owning and hosting our own site! We have now full control of a beautiful, fast, and easy to use website. Plus, all of our resources look amazing and optimized for search. We’re absolutely thrilled!

Charlotte Wells
Media and Communications Manager
Prepared to Teach
Regina Gerbeaux
Executive Coach, Founder, Award-Winning Operator
Coaching Founder

During my time at Peer Health Exchange, I was introduced to Silvia and her agency. Slam Media Lab is one of the leaders in SEO & web development for social impact organizations. Silvia and her team delivered and created content to reach young people through organic search and designed a beautiful and dynamic WordPress site that represented the direction we wanted. They’re extremely organized, fast-paced, responsive and easy to partner with.

Adriana Díaz
Former A. Vice President
Peer Health Exchange

Slam Dunk Your Next Website Design Project

Whether you’re building a new nonprofit website, launching a landing page for your startup, or building a personal site, our checklist template is an easy way to make sure you launch a website bound to impress any visitor.


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Meet Slam Media Lab

Here at Slam, our mission is simple: to help you get more business, make an impact, and win online! We’ve done it several times, so we know what’s up. We’re a fast-moving team that delivers high-impact web design, branding, content strategy, and SEO solutions to companies on a mission to shape the future. Ready to slam dunk on digital? Contact us here.

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