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Agency RFP Template

Slam's agency RFP has been built after seeing hundreds of them. Our users have hired the best using it. You can too.
Helping 100s of organizations write better RFPs
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Agency RFP Template

Are you a Company Experiencing These Pain Points When Hiring an Agency?

Time and time again, companies struggle to find the right agency partner. After using our agency RFP, they've found a great match.

Don't know where to find good agencies

We'll give you the deets on where you should share the RFP!

Having a hard time putting the right info in the agency RFP

Filling out an agency RFP can be tricky, as common mistakes can hinder the selection process. We've identified these pitfalls and offer guidance on how to avoid them.

Can't find high quality agencies that meet our needs

With almost 100K advertising and creative agencies , finding the right agency can be daunting. Our Agency RFP guide helps you navigate this overwhelming landscape by providing insights and resources to streamline your selection process, ensuring you find the perfect creative partner.

About Slam's Agency RFP

If you found this agency RFP template, that means you’re looking for resources to find the most qualified agencies for your project or company.

At Slam Media Lab (Slam), we’ve been on the client side. We used to work at nonprofits, tech companies, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies trying to find the right creative agency. Before starting Slam, we worked with marketing agencies of all sizes – two people, 50 people, 100 people, 1000s of people. Plus, every year, Slam receives hundreds of creative agency RFPs to respond to, so we have truly seen it all.

Project Managers

Hire your next freelancer or agency to join your team faster and get back to building quicker.


Hire your next agency faster and ensure qualified proposals no matter what your next project is.

Founders & Executives

Ensure the contractors and consultancies your business brings on align with your strategy, vision, and goals from day 1.

RFP Agency Template & Example for Marketing, Advertising, Creative, Brands & Digital Work

Writing the right marketing creative agency RFP requires you to figure out what’s important to your organization. But over and over, we have seen organizations make the same mistake.

This is why we’ve created this advertising and creative agency RFP template to download, plus we’ll include a creative agency RFP example so you can confidently find the right creative and advertising partner. Once you download the marketing creative agency RFP template, you’ll also get an example reference on how to fill it out!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Hear from our community that's gotten great results from our RFP.

The Slam Team was exceptional to work with. Great designers, marketers and agencies are able to connect an idea and a concept and turn them into something beautiful that scales and works. After the launch, they supported us with a lot of documentation and sent us Loom videos so we can take over our own site. It really shows how much they care about their customers

Hardy Farrow

Let's talk about The Slam team. They are one of the most dedicated, smart, and organized teams I've worked with in my professional career. It's not just about what they did – they built an amazing site and developed kickass content for us. It's HOW they did it. They did the work with energy, gusto, drive, and care. We had a clear vision for the brand, work and writing, and the whole crew just built a FIRE website with SEO-optimized content. When working with an agency, you want to work with a team like Slam. I’d 1000% recommend working with them, and I have no doubt they're going to win all the awards.

Bryan & Amy Lattimore
WITH Wellness

We’ve been working with Slam for months now and they have been nothing short of amazing. They are absolute rockstars — super responsive, transparent, upfront, and fast. Their team is beyond talented and they have helped us build a better website that is already ranking for trends we’re spotting, brands we’re highlighting, and stories we’re amplifying. Thank you Slam!

Brian Yip
Former Marketing Lead

“Slam Media Lab is an incredible SEO and Webflow marketing agency that has helped us drive tremendous value for our company. I was referred to Silvia by one of our investors, and I can’t recommend them enough! They are experts in the education tech space and are always forward-looking, fast-paced, responsive, and really good at copy. We’re already ranking #1 for competitive keywords with a beautiful website and content.”

Kai Frazier
CEO & Founder
Kai XR

Write Better RFPs and See Results Faster

Buy our RFP and get one step closer to hiring an agency or freelancer today.

Looking for an agency partner? We are not your typical agency. We give a sh*t, move fast, and build stuff that is creative and fun. We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. We’re your partners, not just a service provider or a vendor. We’re a marketing and design agency based in San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley and innovation. Contact our team to kick-off the conversation.


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Meet Slam Media Lab

Here at Slam, our mission is simple: to help you get more business, make an impact, and win online! We’ve done it several times, so we know what’s up. We’re a fast-moving team that delivers high-impact web design, branding, content strategy, and SEO solutions to companies on a mission to shape the future. Ready to slam dunk on digital? Contact us here.

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