Building a Personal Site, made simple

Whether you’re a consultant, an author, a performer, or a creative, people are searching for you. And your site is the first impression they’ll see. Personal Sites Made Simple is Slam’s easy, dynamic solution for sites that stand out, launching in weeks, not months.

Creators. Consultants. Coaches. And Anyone In-Between.

Personal Sites Made Simple is the perfect solution for any solo-entrepreneur looking to take their online presence to the next level. We offer a beautiful, scalable, and easy-to-use solution built in 4-5 weeks. Our sites are optimized for SEO and designed for conversion, meaning you’ll be able to stand out on Google, grow your community, and capture leads.

Personal Sites Made Simple is perfect for -

  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Producers
  • Creators
  • Consultants
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Musicians
  • Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
And more...

How to Create a Personal Website (without the stress)

Has it seemed like there’s pros and cons to every option in making a personal site? Whether it’s time, money, or the end-product, there seems to be no win-win solution here. (But also, I bet you know where this is going...)

Making a Personal Site Takes Time

You know it’s important, but carving out time to build something from scratch is daunting. And (especially as a creator or freelancer) time is money. Have you been pushing it off for weeks (or even months)? No pressure — we’ve all been there too.

Every SquareSpace Site Looks the Same

Okay not *all* of them. But you get the point. If you’re not going to invest a ton of time and resources into building something nice, you (along with a lot of other folks) will have a site that looks almost like the template you started with. At least it has your name though!

Hiring it Done is Expensive

You can search UpWork or Fiverr for someone (which in itself is a task), but you’ll still end up paying more than you bargained for to have the site you want. And we’ve seen it time and time again where the freelancer holds your site hostage every time you want to make an update

Making a Personal Website with a Personal Touch

Personal Sites Made Simple is our easy approach to making personal sites that stand out in weeks, not months. In our 4 week process, you’ll get a personal site built on Webflow that is optimized for search and conversion.

No matter what your focus area is, our personal sites adapt to you. From content hubs, to case studies, to podcasts, to everything in between.

Easy-to-Use Editor Mode with Documentation
Flexible Collections to Scale Your Content
Designed for Conversions and Building Community
Optimized for Search, From Day 1

Pricing & Packages

Every Personal Site Made Simple comes with:

  • A standard sitemap (Home, About, Contact)

  • 2 flexible collections (used for blogs, case studies, services, etc.)

  • Basic branding support and refinement

  • Documentation and training videos for you to take control and own your site

Starting At


  • Additional custom landing pages
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Email service provider (ESP) set up
  • Comprehensive brand building
  • Gated content for lead generation
  • Full-service domain, custom email, and hosting set up

Our Simple Process to Make a Personal Site in Weeks

Over the last 5+ years, we’ve helped nonprofits, tech startups, venture capitalists, and most importantly world world-class creators and freelancers build incredible web experiences optimized for search and growth.

We’ve distilled everything we’ve learned into a process that makes it as easy as possible to launch.

Kick things off

We’ll decide what collections to build (i.e. blogs, products, services, etc.), select any add-ons, and pick the goal of your site

Share your branding

Share your color palette, logo, fonts, and assets, or we can help design something new!

Collect the copy

We’ll share a document for you to provide website copy for the site. If you need some help here, we have some copy add-ons available, too!

Sneak peek

Using Figma, we’ll show you high-fidelity mockups of what the site will look like. You’ll also have one round to provide feedback on the site.

Build it

We’ll start building the site in Webflow. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to see the site live on a staging link before we go live to provide any last minute feedback.

Lift off

We’ll be there to launch and support your site. We’ll hook up your domain, walk you through hosting, and troubleshoot the process.

Tracking data

We’ll set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track traffic and search rankings from day 1.

Documentation to take control

You’ll receive a documentation hub full of Loom videos for your to take control of your site.

By founders, for founders

We believe founder-led companies can create new opportunities and change the way we live and work.

At Slam, we know how hard it is to scale and grow a company. Digital marketing is our superpower. We handle that so you can get back to doing the work you love.

When you work with us, you get quick action, a hustling mentality, comms that will meet your style, and high quality work that drives new business.