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Kai XR: Bringing the Future of Education to Today’s Students

We partnered with leading ed-tech startup Kai XR to show how today’s classrooms can look like with augmented and virtual reality.

How can a brand power the magic of augmented reality to schools and educators?

With a brand system and copy that is future-oriented, optimistic, student-first, and fun.

Kai XR’s mission is to narrow the digital divide by giving students hands-on opportunities to in-demand technologies, preparing them for future careers and bridging the gap between technology and access for all students. Kai XR provides a unified digital learning platform for emerging technologies, empowering students to learn beyond the curriculum. Their simple and accessible learning resources can be used with any device, including tablets, headsets, or smart-devices.

The Project

Kai XR is helping students travel to space, develop 21st-century skills, and craft their own virtual world all before lunch. Using this vision, we envisioned a design and a website that show what’s possible in schools — a future where, with a device, kids can go to Mars, become architects of their own world, or check out a museum far away from home. Experience the Earth and beyond through Kai XR’s website.

What we did

Webflow Design & Development
No-Code Platform and Systems Building
Responsive Website Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Illustration, Motion, and Graphic Design
Website Copywriting

“Slam Media Lab is an incredible SEO and Webflow marketing agency that has helped us drive tremendous value for our company. I was referred to Silvia by one of our investors, and I can’t recommend them enough! They are experts in the education tech space and are always forward-looking, fast-paced, responsive, and really good at copy. We’re already ranking #1 for competitive keywords with a beautiful website and content.”

Kai Frazier

CEO & Founder


Kai XR

Playfulness & Futuristic: Education Reimagined

We designed a brand identity system, illustrations, animations that showed what’s possible when learning happens beyond the constraints of four walls. With animations throughout the site, bold colors, and a fun & engaging approach to teaching and learning, Kai XR’s new brand sparks both curiosity and optimism for the future of education.

We helped take Kai XR’s vision for the future of education and bring it to life. We created an identity where everyone is included at the table, where students can get a head start for the future, and teachers and schools can transform how students learn. We struck a balance between resonating with young people and their educators, and created something space inspired yet sophisticated.

Kyle Kazimour
Partner, Design

Balancing the Technical With the Imaginative: Fun Copy That Converts

We developed our copy alongside Kai XR’s founder Kai Frazier to evoke the multifaceted nature of the Kai XR products. Our primary goal was writing copy for conversion while still remaining fun and informative, ranking for SEO, engaging a diverse audience, and keeping Kai’s mission the focal point at all times. Kai XR combines the technical with the imaginative through their platform, appealing to teachers, administrators, school districts, and STEM/STEAM programs all at once—a tough balancing act—and, as you can see on the page, our copy accomplishes this feat.

Designing for Equity: Every Student has a Seat at the Table

We worked closely with the Kai XR team to develop illustrations that showed that every student, regardless of zip code, race, and socio-economic status, can get access to tech and high-quality experiences. We made it easy for both students and educators to wield emerging in-demand technologies to learn and teach beyond the constraints of traditional learning.