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Webflow is one of the most popular and versatile content management systems in terms of customizations, ease of use, and community support currently available. Not many people can argue with this, however, sometimes the basic CMS functionalities just aren’t enough. Each project has its nuances, and sometimes you’ll need to look for 3rd party Webflow integrations to achieve specific functionality.

At Slam Media Lab (Slam), we’re a team of problem solvers who constantly strive to find solutions to ensure we push the boundaries and deliver the functionality required for each project. This, in turn, has led to experiencing and utilizing most of these Webflow integrations firsthand.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 most useful Webflow integrations, which can help you unlock more features for your sites. These include:

  1. Memberstack
  2. Jet Boost
  3. Airtable
  4. Whalesync
  5. Zapier
  6. Weglot
  7. Nocodelytics
  8. Formly
  9. Spline
  10. Shopify
  11. Bonus: Shopyflow

Let’s dive into each integration and look at how it can help you improve the UX and design of your next website. 

A screenshot of a colorful Memberstack log-in screen template
Memberstack’s user authentication is used on hundreds of Webflow projects. 


Memberstack allows you to implement user authentication directly into Webflow, enabling you to create gated content and utilize paid memberships for your visitors. The user authentication functionality unlocks the possibilities to create more complex websites and deliver user-specific content. 

Memberstack is great for any website that’s looking to deliver user-specific experiences and tailored content. Among the many Memberstack affiliates, American Airlines, Slack, and Entrepreneur.com use Memberstack to serve millions of users. 

Apart from the core functionality delivering user authentication, Memberstack has a few more great features, such as:

  1. Single Sign-on capability
  2. Stripe Checkout and billing
  3. Scale with React

At Slam, we had the chance to utilize Memberstack on quite a few projects, most recently with Quiet Films on their documentary, The Death of My Two Fathers. The project required a site-native payment solution, memberships, and community screening management. We found that Memberstack would allow us to achieve this functionality and seamlessly integrate with Webflow

Screenshot of an example Jet Boost filter function.
Jetboost’s solution is among the most popular filtering options for Webflow sites. 


Jetboost is a no-code tool that brings real-time search and dynamic filtering to your CMS collections. It’s the perfect companion to your Webflow CMS if you need to bring additional functions to the users.

Site search and filtering can be especially beneficial for sites with large collection lists such as job boards or ecommerce sites. The added functionality of site search and filtering drastically improves the user experience of the site and your SEO in terms of keyword research and identifying gaps in your content. 

In addition to the site search and filtering functions, Jet Boost also provides:

  • CMS item favoriting 
  • Dynamic sorting
  • Advanced pagination
  • Auto-archive CMS items  
Screenshot of an Airtable table populated with sample information.
More than 450,000 organizations use Airtable


Airtable is a low-code spreadsheet/database solution that enables users to collect, store and retrieve data and turn it into actual applications. The power of Airtable lies in its ability to incorporate logic and automation that allows users to create complex workflows. 

Due to these key features, Airtable has become one of the staples in the no-code community when it comes to database solutions. For example, Airtable can be used to host form submissions and place leads in certain categories automatically based on the form submission data. Another use case is the possibility of using Airtable as the job board database. It can host all available job openings and automatically sort jobs based on type, availability, location, industry, etc. Or, you can craft a comprehensive editorial strategy by creating an Airtable content calendar.

The full capacity of Airtable is hard to define since the possibilities are almost endless. The power to automatically create unique IDs and calculations using formulas unlocks many other possibilities for data processing and organization. 

At Slam, we use Airtable on a bunch of our Webflow development projects to help level up built-in capabilities. When hitting a wall with the native Webflow form file upload, Airtable provides a simple and easy solution, enabling us to collect all the needed data. 

In addition, Airtable’s user permission levels, familiar spreadsheet-like interface, and ease of use make it great for team collaboration.

Screenshot of Whalesync's home page visualizing the integration between Webflow and Notion.
Whalesync lets you set up a real-time, two-way sync in minutes.


Speaking about Webflow and Airtable, we cannot go without mentioning Whalesync. Whalesync is a solution that allows you to two-way sync data between Webflow and Airtable

Whalesync’s true two-way data sync allows you to make changes in one database and instantly see it sync with the other. For example, any new data entries and data updates made in Airtable will automatically get reflected in your Webflow site, and vice versa. 

Top Whalesync use cases include:

  1. Programmatic SEO
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Content marketing
  4. Internal tools
  5. No-code apps
  6. Cross-team collaboration

Slam Media Lab is also a certified Whalesync partner. We’ve helped both clients take their vision to life with Whalesync, and internally used the tool to help launch SEO programmatic pages at scale. To do this, we created a unified page structure for our nonprofit services pages. From there, we mapped the text on the page to fields within an Airtable base. Once we finished the copy and connected Whalesync to the base, the pages went live in a matter of moments. And as we adjust the copy and add more overtime, we have a live two-way sync with our site.

If you’re interested in creating programmatic SEO pages at scale on Webflow using Whalesync, get in touch with our team! We’d be happy to help take your vision to life and get you on the road to ranking.

Screenshot of the Zapier interface where you begin creating a zap and choose the trigger.
Zapier automates workflows and moves data across 5,000+ apps.


Zapier is a no-code task automation tool that allows you to execute tasks across solutions based on platform-relevant triggers. This might sound complicated, but I can assure you that the folks at Zapier have made it extremely user-friendly to automate tasks and link various solutions together. 

One simple example of Zapier’s functionality is the possibility to automate the confirmation emails to your Webflow form submissions. If you’re compiling a waitlist prior to your product launch and would like to send a confirmation email to whoever signs up, you can use Zapier’s form submit trigger to automatically send the confirmation email. Being able to automate tasks like this enables you to save time and focus on other higher-priority activities. 

It’s important to mention that Zapier is not just used for Webflow or your email provider. Zapier has more than 5,000 app integrations allowing you to create way more complex workflows and automation.

Read more about Zapier for Airtable social media automation at Slam! 

Screenshot of a Weglot animation showing the translation process from French to English.
More than 100,000 websites are currently using Weglot


Weglot is a solution that enables you to easily translate your website into multiple languages. Sometimes your target audience isn’t concentrated in one single geographic area. The best way to overcome the communication barrier is to ensure your website content can be consumed in your audience's native tongue. 

Communicating website content in the language of your target audience can help reduce bounce rates and help you get found due to the multilingual SEO features Weglot provides. If you’re unfamiliar with the basic SEO terms, we have a guide to help you get started. 

Weglot has significantly simplified this process by incorporating features like:

  • No-code install
  • Automatic workflows
  • Machine translation
  • Translated website displaying using subdomains or subdirectories 
  • Visual translation editing
  • Visitor auto-redirections
  • And more.
Weglot supports more than 100 languages

Most recently, at Slam, we’ve utilized Weglot for our client Community Skills Initiative to try to help them reach their Spanish-speaking audiences. We were thrilled with how well it integrated with Webflow and with the amazing SEO results we were able to achieve.

Screenshot of the home page of Nocodelytics
Nocodelytics is used by more than 700 Webflow sites


Nocodelytics is a no-code solution designed specifically to track your Webflow site performance metrics. With Nocodelytics, you’re able to track clicks, searches, CMS items, and more. 

Being designed specifically for your Webflow stack, Nocodelytics is compatible with other Webflow integrations, such as Jetboost

In addition to that, Nocodelytics makes tracking clicks for specific buttons and links super simple and fast to configure without the need to implement any code. 

Being able to visualize engagement over time and view what users are searching for on your site is key to growing and developing your site specifically for your target audience. 

Screenshot of Formly's website showing the way logic can be added to Webflow forms
Formly provides unlimited single and multi-step forms


Formly is a no-code multi-step form solution that enables you to implement logic into your Webflow forms

Regardless if you’re looking to obtain user feedback or capture leads from your website, having a powerful and versatile way to obtain this information from your users is key. Formly does exactly this. Being able to implement logic and multiple steps in your forms unlocks the power to vary your form input fields based on prior data inputs. This way you’re able to collect more detailed and accurate user information. 

It’s important to note that Formly is one of the more advanced solutions in terms of implementation since it does require some development knowledge to get it implemented right. 

A Screenshot of Spline's app showing how you create a 3D sun and clouds.
Easy 3D modeling, interactive experiences, and animations


Spline is a browser-based 3D design tool that enables you to create stunning 3D scenes which you can merge directly with Webflow. 

3D animations are a great way to level up your website experience and really Wow! your audiences. Implementing interactive elements such as animations or scroll effects in your design can make your site more memorable and engaging leaving a last impression on your audience.

3D is most likely not suitable for every type of audience or website, but it could work very well for personal branding websites where you can really show off your skills and expertise and leave a mark on your visitors. 

Screenshot of Shopify's Start your business page with a green background and images of plants
More than 6,000 Webflow sites are also using Shopify


Shopify is a complete commerce platform empowering you to start, grow, and manage your business. You may already be familiar with it, but did you know that you can power your Webflow ecommerce site? 

That’s right: you can use Shopify to drive your checkout and payment processing while maintaining the front-end customization capabilities of Webflow.

Webflow has integrated with Shopify to bring all the great functionalities of both platforms together. There is full documentation on how the integration works available here

Screenshot of the Shopyflow page showing how the linking process between Shopify and Webflow works.
Seamless integration between Shopify and Webflow


Given the slight technical complexity in terms of integrating Webflow and Shopify, Shopyflow is here to solve that problem. 

Shopyflow’s mission is to make managing your Webflow site and running your ecommerce in Shopify as easy as possible, truly combining the best of both worlds. 

Shopify functions include:

  • Inventory management
  • Payment gateways
  • Analytics and insights
  • Orders and discounts
  • Customers and fulfillment 

Webflow functions include: 

  • Site builder
  • Great site speed
  • Robust CMS
  • Forms and automation
  • Advance SEO features 

Need help integrating Webflow apps? We’ve got you covered!

Our team of experts can help with the technical implementation of any Webflow integration. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. 

Regardless of the Webflow integrations needed for the site you’re building, you should always use a website launch checklist. You’re in luck, Slam has got you covered. Use our free website launch checklist and make sure your next launch is the best one yet.

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