Peter Kostov

Peter Kostov

Webflow Designer & Developer


Slam Media Lab

Digital Nomad 🌍


CSS Controller
Color Jedi
Problem Solver

Nothing beats being able to do what you love from anywhere in the world. I have combined my two passions of No-code development and Traveling to 17 countries and counting. A background in Digital Marketing and a passion for design and development has enabled me to create stunning web experiences that also perform.

Currently, I’m based in Montenegro, I have a strong connection to the US and a Bulgarian heritage.

What Inspires you?

My inspiration comes from two main sources:

The first is from the incredible creators we’re currently experiencing in the digital, music, fashion, and modern art spaces who are challenging ideals and pushing boundaries, to create the most unique and creative works ever seen.The second source of inspiration I have is nature.

Nature is so pure and wild at the same time extremely calculated and efficient in the way it creates. Nature is the architect of everything is no-one does it better.