Kyle Kazimour

Kyle Kazimour

Partner, Design


Slam Media Lab

Oakland, CA 🇺🇸


No-code Wizard
Pixel Pusher
Keyboard Shortcut Fiend

Kyle Kazimour (aka KDK) is a digital producer and designer specializing in web design and digital content production.

He has been leading design, no-code, and operations at Slam Media Lab since 2021.

On the daily, Kyle develops websites, directs TikToks, and keeps the whole team afloat with masterful no-code systems and automations.

Kyle’s roots are in education and social justice. He launched his career as a photographer/filmmaker, and directed a feature film about climate, education, and urban sprawl that won Best Documentary in 2018.

In 2019, Kyle joined XQ Institute, where he started the first ever #ByStudentsForStudents photography community on Instagram, growing the following from 9K to 45K over the course of 1 year. He also led social content production for Graduate Together, a TV special across 4 major networks that ultimately reached 2B people.

Kyle’s work has been Webby-nominated. He is recognized as a Webflow Expert.

Kyle is based in Oakland, California, by way of the midwest.

What Inspires you?

I'm most inspired by creators, founders, and artists that are early adopters on a platform or in a space. They see a blank canvas of a community or app, and use their creativity to build it into something magical. Where would YouTube be without Casey Neistat and Marques Brownlee? The Kardashians found a way to turn their Instagram following into a multi-business empire. People like Tai Verdes and Charli D'Amelio made it big because they made it early on TikTok. These people wrote the rules of the platforms we live on today, and we have the opportunity to create what we want because of them.