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These days, your digital footprint is everything–especially if you're a consultant, creative, or someone who runs their own business. Maybe a personal website was a luxury back in the day, but in 2024 it's the key to professional success. A personal website is like your all-in-one business card, portfolio, and self-expression gallery. It's where you can showcase your talents and accomplishments and connect with a global audience. 

Of course, not all personal websites are created equal. And if you're hoping to compete on the digital stage, you should have a clear idea of what does and doesn't work. That's why we've put together this guide to stunning personal website examples that slammed their marketing objectives and rose above the competition. 

In this article, we'll take a look at some examples of personal websites we built with our clients. We'll also delve into the many benefits of having your own online hub and discuss a few of the must-have features included with all our web design projects.  

We’re Slam Media Lab, and we know what it takes to transform your online presence into something as exceptional as you! 

As an award-winning web design agency with over a decade of experience, we have the expertise and tools to turn your personal website dreams into reality.

Here are a few personal website examples we’ve built to showcase our clients' incredible services and accomplishments:

  1. Coaching Founder
  2. Asè Bahia
  3. Evergrowth Coaching
  4. Sage Step Consulting

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your digital journey, the examples in this article are the inspiration you need to start building a personal website that impresses on sight and leaves a lasting impact. 

The Many Benefits of Building a Personal Website

When it comes to building a personal website, the pros massively outweigh the cons. In this section, we'll discuss some of the most compelling reasons to invest time and resources into your professional online presence. 

You can think of your personal website as a digital calling card–a virtual home that belongs to you and you alone. It's a reflection of your unique identity and a space to showcase your skills, expertise, and creativity. In an era where digital first impressions mean everything, a personal website positions you to make a strong and lasting impact on potential clients, employers, and collaborators.

Whether you're a consultant looking to highlight your services and successes, or an author promoting your latest book, a personal website gives you the canvas you need to shape your narrative. 

Better yet, a personal website puts you in control. You get to decide how you're perceived. Everything from the branding and color scheme to the content writing is totally up to you. Share your story without fear and on your terms!  

A personal website is also a powerful tool for networking and engagement. It provides you with a way to connect with a global audience, share your passions, and interact with like-minded individuals. And if your goal is to create a community hub around your work, you can integrate your website with other Internet tools like social media, blog posts, and newsletters. 

No matter your industry, a Slam-built personal website is guaranteed to expand your digital footprint. We know all the best practices and insider tricks for leaving a great impression on the Internet, and we love putting our skills to work for talented creatives and founders. 

Who Needs a Personal Website?

Personal sites are versatile tools that suit a wide range of professionals, each with their own unique objectives and needs. After all, versatility is kinda the point of a custom-built project, right? 

Here are just some of the professions that greatly benefit from having a personal website:

  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Creatives
  • Performers
  • Founders
  • Designers 

Essentially, anyone wanting to establish a strong online presence and control their digital narrative will benefit from a custom-built, fully optimized personal site tailored to their style and strengths. 

For example, we often work with consultants to build a platform that highlights their expertise and success stories. A personal website is perfect for consultants because, in addition to providing a digital contact hub, it’s also a place to publish thought leadership articles, share client testimonials, and show off proven results. 

At Slam, we’ve worked with authors, artists, and performers to build user-friendly, responsive personal websites that can do everything from selling a book to promoting an international event

We’ve seen the power of a well-designed site, and helping creative people build and launch their homes on the Web is one of our favorite parts of the job! 

Examples of Personal Websites and Portfolios that Slam

At Slam, we specialize in building personal websites that combine artistry and functionality. We understand that busy founders and creatives probably don’t have time to learn a bunch of complicated code. 

That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into developing workflows and tools that deliver the best of both worlds: simplicity and high-level functionality.  

As Webflow experts, we're well-versed in the nuances of design, user experience, and online marketing. Our clients love working with Webflow because it enables the effortless creation and editing of responsive websites without complicated code. Better yet, Slam-built sites scale effortlessly, so you can grow your reputation and business without fear of complex and costly re-builds in the future. 

When building a website, we employ a six-step process: 

  1. Define Objectives
  2. Share (or Create) Branding
  3. Collect the Copy
  4. Sneak Peak with Figma
  5. Build it
  6. Launch

We like giving our clients full control, which is why we provide a documentation hub packed with Loom tutorial videos to help manage and maintain your personal website more effectively. 

Let’s explore a few case studies of our collaborations with talented and passionate clients looking to conquer diverse digital challenges. 

Coaching Founder

A screenshot of the Coaching Founder website showcasing the section titled 'Operational Templates for Your Company's Notion Workspace.' The website's color scheme is black, golden yellow, and white. The screenshot shows three columns, each containing a template. The available templates are 'Decisions Tracker Template,' 'Chief of Staff Roadmap,' and 'Absolute Feedback Template (Engineering).'
Source: www.coachingfounder.com

Regina Gerbeaux is the human embodiment of a visionary. As a dynamic executive coach and entrepreneur with a remarkable track record, she's done everything from achieving revenue growth of 10 times or more to scaling a business from 10 employees to a team of over 100-strong.

With Coaching Founder growing quickly, Regina needed a next-level personal website to show off her impressive portfolio and high-value digital product offerings to potential clients. We understood the assignment and got to work building a beautifully branded and user-friendly personal website to show off her impressive story. We’re proud to be a part of Regina’s journey as she leaves her mark on the world of business and personal development. 

Asè Bahia

A screenshot of the Ase Bahia website, designed according to a color scheme of forest green, marigold yellow, and white. The screenshot shows golden line drawings of leaves and whimsical shapes and features participant reviews in white text against forest green text boxes.
Source: asebahia.com

In 2023, the first-ever Asè Bahia brought participants together at the Sitio Sabiá family farm in Brazil to celebrate the profound potential of dreams. With a philosophy deeply grounded in the belief that unity and collective spirit have the power to manifest incredible achievements, the organization’s inaugural gathering was a magnificent community experience. Art forms like capoeira, dance, folklore, and music converged in a stunning natural setting and left participants transformed. 

The Slam team was thrilled to design a user-friendly website evoking Asè Bahia's unique cultural and spiritual identity. We put together a beautifully branded and easy-to-navigate webpage to connect the organization with its supporters and fans. 

Evergrowth Coaching

A screenshot of the Evergrowth Coaching homepage, designed in a color scheme of robin's egg blue, dark ocean blue, and golden yellow. The homepage headline reads 'Helping Leaders Grow and Achieve Ambitious Results,' followed by a call to action to work with Sabrina or read her blog. The home page also features an abstract design of three semi-circles in ocean blue, golden yellow, and white, layered over one another.
Source: myevergrowth.com

The mission of Evergrowth Coaching is to transform leaders into world movers and shakers. Under the guidance of Sabrina Wang, an executive coach with a background in mindfulness and energy work training, the organization focuses on supporting founders and operators to become the best, most powerful versions of themselves. 

When Sabrina needed a top-notch personal website to show off her extensive experience as an executive coach, she knew just who to collaborate with for a job well done. At Slam, we were up for the challenge. We designed and launched a responsive, fully optimized site that showcases her unique leadership style, strengths, and extensive accomplishments. We also guaranteed a high engagement and conversion rate by incorporating a blog into Sabrina’s personal online hub. 

Sage Step Consulting

A screenshot of Sage Step Consulting's website, designed in a sage green color scheme. The screenshot shows the 'Meet Summer Hess' section of the website, featuring a headshot of Summer Hess, a middle-aged white woman with shoulder-length brown hair and wearing a sleeveless marine blue patterned shirt.
Source: sagestepconsulting.com

Based in the Wenatchee Valley and beyond, strategic consultant Summer Hess empowers nonprofit and small business clients of Sage Step Consulting to foster resilience and deliver tangible results.

To better serve her growing client base, Summer needed an accessible and visually appealing personal website to highlight her extensive experience in program design, project management, and people-centered leadership. She reached out to Slam, and we immediately set about delivering a well-organized personal site highlighting  Sage Step Consulting’s expert products and services. 

Better yet, thanks to our extensive experience with nonprofit SEO, we were able to ensure high rankings in Internet search engines. 

Personal Website Must-Have Features

At Slam Media Lab, we make a point of thinking about absolutely every detail when designing digital products. Too often, we hear stories of people who invested significant time and money into building a personal website, only to see less-than-impressive results because they didn’t think to include some essential feature. 

As an industry-leading digital marketing and branding agency, we believe our clients’ successes are tied to ours

That’s why, from small business SEO to audit tools and customization options, we ensure your personal website has everything it needs to succeed. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the exceptional features and advantages of building a personal website with Slam.  

Easy-to-Use Editor Mode with Documentation

We're all about keeping things simple, and our website development process is no exception. With the user-friendly editor mode in Webflow, making changes to your website is a straightforward process with minimal risk of stressing you out. 

Of course, even the most user-friendly platforms run into issues from time to time. If you ever have a question or run into a problem, the Slam team is here to help figure it out. Our extensive documentation and email support offer step-by-step guidance and valuable insights, making website management a hassle-free and streamlined task. 

Flexible Collections to Scale Content

No matter your industry, a growth mindset is the key to rising above the competition and making a name for yourself. Naturally, your personal website must be oriented towards growth–or, in tech speak, it needs to scale. 

That’s why our process includes the creation of flexible collections like blogs, products, and services that can adapt to your ever-changing and expanding content. Feel free to add, edit, and organize content as much as needed. Thanks to the scalable nature of our personal website designs, you can keep your site dynamic and engaging while growing it alongside you and your mission. 

Design for Conversions

Sure, a beautifully designed website is great, but it isn’t enough–it needs to drive conversions, too. Thanks to our expertise in user experience and conversion optimization, we know how to ensure your personal website’s layout, content, and call-to-action items are set up to turn visitors into customers or subscribers. 

When optimizing a website for successful conversions, we focus on these three key elements: 

  1. A streamlined user experience
  2. Stunning branding and design
  3. Persuasive content writing

Thanks to our obsession with boosting user engagement and converting that engagement into tangible results, we aren’t afraid to guarantee your personal website will generate the specific outcomes you’re hoping to achieve. 

SEO Optimization

Listen. When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a lot of competition. Millions of websites compete for the public’s attention, with only the most fortunate few achieving those coveted spots on page 1 of Google search results. That’s why Webflow SEO is critical when it comes to ensuring your website ranks high and gets in front of the eyes of your target audience. 

SEO benefits your personal website thanks to: 

  • Improved searchability
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Increased organic traffic

Given the importance of ranking high in search engines, we incorporate on-page SEO tools into all our website builds. We also make it easy to optimize meta tags and ensure proper indexing so your website can be easily discovered by people searching for the services you provide. 

Standard Website Components and Support Included

At Slam, we’re all about providing high-value products and services. That’s why all our projects include standard website components designed to enhance functionality. 

These are a few of the standard features we include with all our personal website designs: 

  • Contact forms
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile-responsive design

Also, we aren’t the kind of agency that would ever leave you high and dry the minute we’ve delivered on our initial obligation. After launching your website, we provide ongoing assistance to address your needs and take care of any concerns that may arise. 

Available Add-Ons

One of the great things about being a boutique digital marketing and branding agency is our ability to collaborate closely with our clients in pursuit of their vision. We’re all about customization–if what you need isn’t covered by our core website build service, we probably have an add-on that will make it happen. 

Whether you need additional copywriting services, e-commerce functionality, or advanced integrations, we’ve got you covered. We can even help you come up with a unique brand identity for your personal website that perfectly embodies your personality and style. No need to search elsewhere for a solution–just let us know what you need to create a winning online persona and we’ll make it happen. 

How to Build a Personal Website with Slam Media Lab

We don’t need to brag about our track record of creating stunning digital products that transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success–we’ve got the awards to prove it. 

Source: slammedialab.com

As your mission-driven creative partners, our greatest passion is helping inspired founders and creative types achieve their goals. We’re more than just another digital marketing agency, and we know what it takes to elevate personal websites to the next level

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to build a personal website that successfully converts visitors to guests and subscribers, and we appreciate the importance of connecting with your target audience. 

If you’re looking to increase your online presence, expand your fan base, and drive authentic engagement, then we’re the people you need to connect with. Our team of experts would love to help you develop customized strategies for growing your mission and achieving your stated objectives. 

Here are just a few of the award-winning services we offer our clients:

We get it–talk is cheap. That’s why we’re here to show you what we can do. In addition to our high-level professional services, we’ve also designed several free and low-cost products and resources to help you build the perfect personal website. 

Here are three tools we created to set you up for success: 

  1. Website Launch Checklist
  2. Free Website Audit
  3. SEO ROI Calculator

We aren’t just another digital agency that’s all fancy marketing and no substance. We’re here to push the envelope on industry standards in web design and digital marketing, and our greatest joy in life is helping our clients succeed

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can support your goals, contact us for a free web design consultation today. Let’s work together to slam your personal website build. 

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