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Notion Sprint Template [Used by Startups]

Meet your newest do-it-all template for running your most efficient team meetings: the Slam Notion Sprint Template. Organize everything in one place—Team Updates, Projects, HPFOs, Brainstorming, Feedback, and more—and make your weekly sprint prep effortless.
Smooth sprints and planning to support clients like
Symphonic VC
Government Procurement
Upright Education
Peer Health Exchange
Kai XR
Notion Sprint Template [Used by Startups]

Is Your Team in Need of a Notion Sprint Template to Solve These Pain Points?

Planning meetings is easy; managing them is the hard part. Take the stress out of Team Sprint prep, and unblock all the usual obstacles to effective operations.

Could Use Some Help Running Effective Meetings

New to running team Sprints? Benefit from our easy-to-use, structured Notion Sprint Template that guides you toward your most efficient meetings.

Need One Reference Point for All Ongoing Projects

Maintain concise updates on team, client project, and internal project updates, tracking all ongoing projects in a single, accessible location.

Looking to Streamline Weekly Progress Reports

Keep track of your team’s week-over-week progress, easily updating and reviewing deadlines, benchmarks, and wins in one consolidated Notion Sprint Template.

Weekly Meeting Prep Takes Too Much Time

Save your whole team time with a ready-to-use format, making meeting preparation a breeze. Your PM team will thank you!

Hard to Keep Weekly Meetings Organized

Our Notion Sprint Template brings structure and clarity, giving your meetings uniformity while making your entire team more productive.

What Do You Get With Our Notion Sprint Template?

Ready to Slam every team Sprint , nail every launch, and score rave reviews from all your clients? Discover how with these features:

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Hear it from the partners we’ve helped launch websites they’ve loved, thanks to our Notion Sprint Template:

Slam has proven to be a highly effective design agency among those we have collaborated with. If you're seeking truly exceptional designers who spare no effort in their work, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Slam.

Max Feinberg

Absolutely loved partnering with Slam and will recommend them to all of our portfolio companies.

Sydney Thomas
Founder & General Partner
Symphonic VC

Slam’s project management is amazing, and they’ve always been willing to incorporate feedback from young people throughout the process. Additionally, they respond very quickly. We use a Monday board to track progress, and at one point, we had weekly meetings to check-in.

Philister Lukacevic
Marketing Director
Eye to Eye

How agile and highly competent the entire company is. Everyone we worked with added value. Their processes were seamless and easy to understand

Patrick Starzan
XQ Institute

They are fast, can show results, and since they've worked with big brands similar to ours in the past, they know the industry inside and out. They deeply care about their clients and go above and beyond to make sure we get the best results possible.

LiAnn Ishizuka
Former Product Marketing Lead
Composer Education

Maximize Your Team’s Time With Our Notion Sprint Template!

Host the most efficient team sprints possible with the Slam Notion Sprint Template! Keep every meeting organized and easily referenced, and never miss an update or progress report again.


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