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Notion Meeting Notes Template

Make the most of your online meetings with our Notion Meeting Notes Template. Perfect for Google Meet, Zoom, and other online syncs, it ensures every meeting is productive and on point. Give valuable time back to you and your team with our template.
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Notion Meeting Notes Template

Are You Experiencing Any of These Pain Points When Taking Notes?

Managing meeting details can be overwhelming, especially with tons of new online platforms in the mix. Our Notion Meeting Notes Template is here to help.

Unsure on certain details from previous meetings

Easily navigate and reference past meetings with our Notion Meeting Notes Template, boosting productivity and decision-making.

Keep leaving action items off the to-do list

With a dedicated section for "Action Items," ensure important tasks never get missed or overlooked.

Don’t have resource to keep all meeting notes in one place

Slack, Zoom, Google Meet—your meetings aren’t in one place, but your meeting notes can be. Stay fully organized with our Notion Meeting Notes Template hub.

Meeting time isn’t being used effectively

Streamline your meeting prep with an organized "Agenda" section, sharing meeting priorities beforehand, saving time, and enhancing focus.

What Do You Get With Our Notion Meeting Notes Template?

Our Notion Meeting Notes Template is designed with your valuable time in mind, making every sync more efficient and productive.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Hear from the teams mastering meeting management with our Notion Meeting Notes Template.

They provided training and documentation through Looms, a walk-through, and a hub on Notion where we can go back and check these resources! The Slam team lives and breathes branding & great design!!!

Sabrina Wang
CEO & Executive Coach

Slam Media Lab's project management is really great, professional, and timely. They surpassed our expectations, answering questions quickly and meeting all deadlines. They used email, Slack, Notion, and Figma to work with us!

Charlotte Wells
Media & Communications Manager
Prepared to Teach

We partnered with Slam previously and they go above and beyond to understand our needs from day one. This is why we decided to come back and worked with them again on this UX and design project. They ask the right questions, get back to us quickly, and deliver high-quality work! Truly one of the best experiences working with a marketing and design agency.

Max Feinberg
CTO & Co-Founder

Run Your Most Effective Meetings With Slam’s Notion Meeting Notes Template!

Ready to make the most of your meetings? Stay on top of every agenda, keep important notes organized and easily referenceable, and never miss an action item again with our Notion Meeting Notes Template.


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