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Notion Feedback Template [1-1s & Tracker]

Crafted for clear issue articulation and actionable solutions, Slam’s Notion Feedback Template and Tracker enables your team to propose well-considered solutions and empowers managers to transform feedback into decisive, collaborative actions.
Format used by top companies, including
Slam Media Lab
Character Hub
Notion Feedback Template [1-1s & Tracker]

Are you experiencing any of these issues when running 1-1s?

Over and over, we’ve met teams, managers, and reports who struggle to make their feedback action-oriented, clear, and impactful. See how we’ve solved it with Slam’s Notion Feedback Template.

Want to communicate hard feedback respectfully

Overcome the hesitation in sharing and receiving feedback with a process and language that respect and value candid discussions.

Need a way to track issue ownership

Clearly define responsibilities and direct accountability with our structured approach to feedback and tasks.

Don’t have a place to track patterns

Use our Notion feedback tracker to track who gave you notes, when, and tag the type of pattern you’re seeing.

Can’t figure out how to solve problems cross-teams

Facilitate smoother cross-team collaboration with a template designed for collective problem-solving and buy-in.

Lack of actionable solutions

Have the feedback but don’t know what to do next? Slam’s Notion Feedback Template guides your team in proposing solutions that lead to action.

Inefficient feedback processes

Struggling with scattered and unstructured feedback? Centralize and clarify communication with our Notion template.

What's Included in the Notion Feedback Template?

Everything you need to transform your 1-1s: from in-depth tutorials and expert insights to a supportive community and exclusive Slam perks.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Hear from our community that's gotten great results from our format for 1-1s and feedback!

The Notion Feedback Template was a game-changer for our team's 1-1s. It helped us move from vague conversations to clear, actionable plans, all in one place.

Sydney Liu
Co-founder & CEO
Character Hub
Connie Bazet
Executive Assistant
Slam Media Lab
Natalie Wines
Digital Content Marketer
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Jaley Bruursema
Youth Employment Specialist
Common Wealth Development

Run 1-1 Meetings Efficiently with Slam’s Notion Feedback Template

Designed for transparent and efficient communication between reports and managers, this template allows you to solve for the #1 problem that 1-1s run into: personal accountability after feedback.


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