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Notion Task List Template

Slam your project management with our Notion Task List Template. Designed for speed, efficiency, and customization, this template lets you generate tasks and subtasks effortlessly for all your project. Save time, keep you and your team on track, and crush every launch for all your projects.
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Notion Task List Template

Is Your Current Task List Method Hitting Any of These Snags?

Managing projects efficiently is crucial, but it can be a serious challenge. The solution? Slam’s Notion Task List Template! Check out how it streamlines any and all of your upcoming projects.

Just Starting Out in Project Management

If you're new to project management, getting going can be the hardest part. This template offers an intuitive guide, making it easy for anyone to master project organization.

Missed Crucial Steps in Past Projects

It's easy to miss important steps in complex projects. Our task list template ensures a comprehensive approach, so no critical element is overlooked.

Too Many Projects to Keep Track of

Balancing numerous projects can lead to confusion and errors. This task manager template on Notion helps you keep each project distinct and well-managed, streamlining your workflow.

Don’t Have the Setup Time for Every New Project

Setting up task lists for new projects can be a tedious time sink. Our Notion Tasks Template simplifies and speeds up the prep work, allowing you to focus on execution.

Hard to Keep Everything Organized as Project Scope Grows

As projects expand, keeping track of every detail can become daunting. Our Notion Task List Template brings order to chaos, ensuring your projects stay organized, no matter their size.

What Does Our Notion Task List Template Feature?

Our Notion Task List Template is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive hub for project management efficiency. Here's what you'll get:

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Our Notion Task List Template has helped us SLAM dozens of projects for our partners. Hear it from them!

Slam is super organized!!! They have everything on Notion, send quick action items after calls and send reminders if we miss anything. They send everything prep in advance to review so we can use meeting times to actually discuss the feedback vs spending the time presenting. I was traveling and they made everything easy for me to review.

Sabrina Wang
CEO & Executive Coach

Slam Media Lab's project management is really great, professional, and timely. They surpassed our expectations, answering questions quickly and meeting all deadlines. They used email, Slack, Notion, and Figma to work with us! Plus, we organized all of our content on Airtable which made it easy to organize many of our resources.

Charlotte Wells
Media & Communications Manager
Prepared to Teach

Slam Media was very responsive to all requests and delivered everything on time. They were also flexible with design guidelines and quickly understood our requests. Their project management was clear and efficient.

Julia Vallera
Creative & Content Producer
Eye to Eye

Slam Media Lab's team are expert project managers who use email, shared files, Slack, and other tools to manage projects with warmth, ease, and skill. Most impressive, from RFP to delivery, was their constant investment in communication, which included guidance and flexibility. Project sections were delivered on time and with clarity about the impact of any shifts or new requests. Our time was always in the loop and they were very responsive to our needs.

Jonathan Darr
Head of Operations & Development

Crush Project Management With Slam’s Notion Task List Template!

Ready to take your PM workflow to the next level? Streamline your processes, elevate your productivity, and check every box before your next big launch with our Notion Task List Template.


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