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Are you a restaurant owner eager to boost your online presence and attract more customers? Or perhaps you're simply curious about how to make a restaurant website design that drives more revenue. Either way, you're in the right place! 

We’ve been there and know that you should be focusing your time and energy in providing a great experience to your customers. This is precisely where a professional restaurant branding agency can truly make a difference, handling the online marketing side of your business. They possess the expertise to take your restaurant's brand to the next level, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating exceptional dining experiences. 

At Slam Media Lab, we’re an award-winning restaurant branding agency focused on helping restaurants like yours go big online. Our team is composed of marketers, designers, writers with a background in the restaurant industry who understand firsthand how a well-designed brand and websitecan translate into thousands of dollars in additional daily sales. So let's dive in and discover how a top-notch restaurant branding agency can help elevate your digital presence and help you make more money.

If you’re looking to partner with us, contact us now! Or are you looking for a restaurant website template? We got you! 

Benefits of Hiring a Restaurant Branding Agency

Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce. There are so many restaurants in every single block. By partnering with a specialized restaurant branding agency that focuses on the unique needs of restaurants, you can stand out. While building a nice brand is an important step, it is only half the equation. The real key lies in designing a brand and a website that both captivate visitors and also convert them into loyal customers. 

A restaurant branding agency can also help you: 

  • Elevate your brand identity
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Achieve consistency across channels
  • Authentic storytelling

Elevate Your Restaurant’s Brand Identity

A restaurant branding agency can make your brand recognizable on the internet and in-person. They will work closely with you to develop a brand strategy that captures the essence of your restaurant, including your values, personality, and unique selling propositions. 

At Slam, we create your brand identity from the ground up. 

  • Discovery process: First step is understanding your business style, values, and needs. Our clients fill out a Discovery Doc containing all necessary questions about their restaurant including what you care about, examples and non-examples, and values.
  • Competitor research: We find out who your competitors are, what they’re doing right, and how your business can beat that competition.
  • Brand guidelines: We make sure to use consistent colors, fonts and visual elements across your different channels. We either follow existing guidelines or create a new color palette and fonts that match your style and vibe.
  • Rounds of reviews: Our clients’ feedback is the key to a successful restaurant branding project. We do regular check-ins to make sure expectations are being met, and deliver the best product possble. 
  • Training and hand-off: Our clients need to own their site and be able to make changes by themselves, without seeking for technical support each time there’s a change in their menu. At Slam, we deliver video tutorials and documentation to make sure our clients have full control of their site. 

Thinking about elevating your restaurant’s online branding? Check out our SMB packages!

Stand out From the Crowd

If you stand in the shoes of your customer, ordering food online or even finding information about a restaurant can often be a frustrating experience. Since the restaurant industry works mostly with in-person clients rather than online, it is common for restaurants and small businesses to underestimate the importance of their online presence. According to a survey conducted by Toast, 61% of diners prefer to order food online. Imagine the number of clients you can be missing out on for not having a functional, user-friendly website!

Achieve Consistency Across Channels

Visual elements such as your logo, color palette or even a font in particular help your customers identify and remember your business. This is why keeping them consistent across channels is so important. 

Take our client Sprig&Sprout as an example. Sprig and Sprout is a Vietnamese restaurant in the Washington D.C. area who was looking to move from their outdated website to a new one that allowed them to sync with Toast.

When we started discussing different approaches to revamp their online branding, we took their signature sprout to come up with a background for their homepage that would blend seamlessly with their logo and values. 

Sprig & Sprout's homepage features a design inspired in a sprout in the background

This consistency is what helps businesses build trust ans recognition among their customers. Imagine people scrolling through an endless list of potential restaurants to order from. If they recognize your branding, your business will immediately stand out! 

Authentic Storytelling

How did your restaurant come to life? Have any of your recipes been in your family for generations? What is your menu inspired by? There’s a fascinating story behind every single business. 

Your story is what makes you unique and memorable! Storytelling is also a valuable resource for connecting with your customers at a deeper, emotional level and sharing your mission ans values. 

Before they founded Sprig and Sprout in Washington DC in 2012, Jen and Marc worked in various sorts of bars and restaurants both in the US and in Vietnam. Since the very beginning, they showed their commitment to giving something back to the community by partnering with a local all-female Buddhist temple to source unique and delicious vegan options, and participated in the Too Good to Go program to make sure no food is ever wasted. 

When Jen and Marc partnered with Slam to rediscover their online presence, they emphasized the importance of sharing where they come from and what they’be been through, for their customers to be able to fully capture the essence of their business through their recipes. 

Read more about how we helped Sprig & Sprout take their website to the next level!

Slam’s Restaurant Branding Agency Services

A restaurant branding agency should offer a comprehensive range of services to help your business shine. These services are designed to enhance various aspects of your brand presence, both online and offline.

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Brand Identity and Strategy
  3. Content Strategy and Writing
  4. SEO Optimization

Website Design and Development

Your restaurant's website serves as the digital front door to your establishment. A restaurant branding agency can create a visually attractive and user-friendly website that showcases your brand and entices potential customers. 

At Slam, we focus on creating sites that are not only aestheticaly pleasing but also highly functional, and easy to navigate. As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of connecting your website to your point of sale of preference (Toast being a great example). What’s even better, we can even make sure your customers are able to order directly from your website – a more efficient and profitable alternative.

Sprig & Sprout’s homepage includes two buttons linking to their Toast page

Brand Identity and Strategy

Your brand is the heart and soul of your restaurant. You won’t always have the chane to communicate your essence through words, and that’s when a good logo comes on the scene. Your restaurant branding agency should be able to turn concepts, ideas, and sensations into a graphic element.

If you think that sounds challenging, you’re right! It takes a lot of questioning and brainstorming. 

At Slam, we love the brand discovery journey, and we want our clients to enjoy it as well, to create the best brand image possible. 

When we started imagining JB King’s website, owner Ying-Min wanted it to be warm and welcoming. But understanding how this translates to colors, fonts, and patterns required a little more discussion. 

After asking several questions about the feelings and sensations that he wanted his site to transmit, we put together a series of moodboards with different color palettes and style combinations. We wanted to make sure we were bringing his vision to life. 

It took a few rounds of feedbacks and fixes, and we were finally able to transmit everything that makes JB King special. 

Content Strategy and Writing

From blog posts and social media captions to email newsletters and press releases, a good restaurant branding agency will create content that resonates with your audience. 

Posting quality content consistently helps brands stay in their customers’ radar, while allowing new and potential customers to discover their business. At Slam, we know what your audience wants, and we help you deliver it to them in the form of effective and engaging content.

Our expert team of designers and copywriters works together with our clients to create the perfect content strategy to build the audience of their dreams across different channels. 

SEO Optimization

Making your site discoverable using effective SEO techniques is key. At Slam, we work both on creating a beautiful site from scratch and on ensuring that it ranks high in relevant search results. 

Think about this – how will new clients discover your business online? They won’t just google your brand because they don’t know it yet. This is why you need a strategy. You need to make search engines understand what you offer and convince them that your business is worth showing in searches. This is done by incorporating keywords into your copy. 

For instance, when a potential customer searches for "best Italian restaurant in town," imagine your restaurant's website appearing at the top of the search results.

This involves a thorough keyword and competitor research process. If you don’t know where to start, we got you! We work closely with our clients to come up with the best keywiord strategy for their brand in a matter of weeks. 

Book a call with us to learn more about our SEO services!

We fully optimized an Italian restaurant website for SEO. You can check it our in our case studies!

Case Study: Matteo, an Italian Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Matteo, in their aim to pay homage to their roots while giving visitors and diners an up-to-date and easily navigable UX, sought a website design that encapsulated their entire aesthetic. Our approach? Clean, bold colors, a responsive site experience, clear-cut layout, and images that reflect their physical location—inviting, indulgent, and rustic with a modern flair.

Screenshots of Matteo's website
Matteo's website integrates with Toast and is fully optimized for SEO.

Our implementation of OpenTable and Toast, paired with prominent navigation to each, streamlines online ordering and reservations, making authentic Italian dining a couple clicks away.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Branding Agency

Now that you know the importance of hiring an agency to help you achieve your goals as a small business online, let’s talk about how to choose one that matches your needs. 

Review their Portfolio and Client Testimonials

Take the time to review the agency's portfolio and client testimonials. This will give you an idea of their expertise and the results they have achieved for their clients.

Look for agencies that have worked with restaurants similar to yours, or that achieved recognition through awards. You can check out Slam’s Clutch profile and reviews

Make Sure They Match Your Needs

Taking several months to complete the project, or not keeping you in the loop while your site is being bilt are huge red flags when it comes to choosing the right agency. At Slam, we take pride in building sites in weeks, not months! We also give great importance to customizing the project management process so you can keep track of the every single update

Cookie-Cutter Solutions Won't Cut It

Our team of restaurant website design experts will work closely with you to understand what makes your business special and what you want to achieve. We'll come up with a custom strategy that tackles all your needs. Whether you're aiming to bring in more dough, boost your online rep, or just make it super easy for folks to find you, we've totally got your back.

Ready to SLAM your business online? Download our restaurant website template today! 

Collaborate with the Top-Notch Restaurant Website Design Company

At Slam, we transform the game in the restaurant industry. We don't stop at simply building a website; rather, we construct a digital presence that can turn your business into a magnet of customers! We know how hard it is to make your business grow, and we're dedicated to making that happen for you.

Are you prepared to enhance your restaurant's online presence? Book a slot with us below, and we'll reach out to you. Together, let's craft a standout website that helps your restaurant truly shine in this competitive market!

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