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Matteo: A Modern Take on the Traditional Italian Restaurant

Matteo brings tried-and-true Italian cuisine to the heart of Salt Lake City. Discover how Slam made that journey come alive. Andiamo!

How can an American restaurant’s digital presence reflect its authentic Italian roots?

Pairing heritage with modernity through bold, warm, and inviting design.

Where can you take a culinary journey through the rich flavors of Modena, Italy without ever leaving the States? Matteo, an authentic Italian restaurant in Salt Lake City, UT, immerses diners in the real joys and hospitality (and Bolognese) of Italy. As they say, “Ti senti a casa (It feels like home).”

The Project

Matteo, in their aim to pay homage to their roots while giving visitors and diners an up-to-date and easily navigable UX, sought a website design that encapsulated their entire aesthetic. Our approach? Clean, bold colors, a responsive site experience, clear-cut layout, and images that reflect their physical location—inviting, indulgent, and rustic with a modern flair.

What we did

Webflow Design & Development
Responsive Website Design
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Weaving modern aesthetics with vintage Italian style.

Working closely with Matteo’s team, we understood the assignment immediately: bring the warm, hospitable ambience of their restaurant to life on the webpage. We accomplished this by matching their modern in-person aesthetic with the timeless charm of family photo albums. Our use of warm reds and sharp blacks evokes classic Italian style, and our responsive scroll and API integrations keep the experience up to date.

Collaborating on Matteo's project was an immensely gratifying experience. Crafting a website that seamlessly blends contemporary design elements with a touch of traditional Italian flair was both personally rewarding and invigorating. Our endeavor went beyond aesthetics—we not only aimed for visual appeal but also prioritized building a site that excels in performance, ensuring it delivers on both fronts of form and function.

Peter Kostov
Webflow Designer & Developer

Facilitating Orders and Reservations

When clicking on the website, we aimed to give users an immediately welcoming and navigable UX. Our menu design provides a clear, responsive layout to highlight the options. Our implementation of OpenTable and Toast, paired with prominent navigation to each, streamlines online ordering and reservations, making authentic Italian dining a couple clicks away. Hungry yet? Mangiamo!

Keeping Site Performance a Priority

Going into this project, we knew imagery would be necessary to express Matteo’s family- and history-focused identity. We wanted to add as much high-res images as possible without sacrificing site speed and performance. Through image compression, page structure, and heading hierarchy, we ensured Matteo’s site looked great and ran even better.