TikTok Script Template (Notion, Google Docs, Word)

What do all successful startups and nonprofits have in common? Two things: a good idea, and a smart plan. You have the first thing; let us help with the second. That’s why Slam Media Lab is offering our TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template for Word, Google, and Notion FREE to your business or nonprofit! 

Getting your name out there today seems both easier and harder than ever. You have dozens of resources–TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn–at your fingertips, but how are you finding and growing your audience? Our TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template simplifies your outreach, giving you the ideal starting point to make fun, engaging, and informative content without going back to the drawing board for every new video. 

Benefits of the TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template

Why TikTok? A few reasons:

  1. Short-form video is a booming resource across social media, and our template helps you take advantage of it
  2. TikTok has the highest engagement rate among all social media platforms

Start growing your audience the same way we grew countless other SMBs’, startups’, and nonprofits’ audiences—not to mention our own—with our TikTok Script Template benefits, such as:

  • Streamlined content creation to give your audience reliably high-quality content
  • Easy-to-use scripting and creating process for all TikTok users—from the novice to the pro
  • Proven time saver for your business/nonprofit

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Features of the TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template

What do you get with our TikTok script? Our script assists with dialogue writing and action, as well as marking edits and shots to keep your entire team—from the marketers to decision makers to actors—aligned from the start. 

So, what’s the difference between the script and the script template? Simple: our script gives you the outline to craft high-quality and engaging TikToks, and, once your latest creation is posted, you can launch right into your next project with the click of a button. Each one of your new projects has the same starting point with our template, saving you the time and employee hours of starting from scratch each time. Our template is available in 3 easy-to-use formats:

  1. Notion document
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Google Docs

Our resources have helped small businesses and multinational corporations reach thousands of new users in a matter of weeks. Try out our TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template and see how they can boost your audience to a whole new level! 

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Ready to grow your business/nonprofit with us? Download the TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template today, and start streamlining your content creation to expand your audience in weeks. Already have a strong TikTok game? Check out our TikTok content planner for Notion—along with all our resources—and unlock a new level of social media outreach.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our resources at Slam Media Lab! Reach out with any questions and comments about our TikTok–or any–resources. We can’t wait to see your success with our TikTok Script and TikTok Script Template! 

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