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Notion Assignment Tracker Template

Whether you’re a busy bee with too many tasks or a Type A fanatic that wants the perfect work setup, keeping track of assignments can be the bane of your 9-5. We’re here to make life a little bit easier with our Notion Assignment Tracker, so you can check off to-dos without the hassle.
Helping you work smarter, not harder 😉
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Notion Assignment Tracker Template

Tried Tracking Your Assignments and Hit These Road Blocks?

Life is chaotic, but your assignment tracker doesn’t have to be. As a remote and fast-paced agency, we know how keeping track of your assignments can make or break your sprint goals. That’s why we’ve created this template, so you spend less time figuring out how to organize and more time getting sh*t done.

My team either duplicates efforts or forgets about tasks :(

Ever have cases where the same task is accidentally given to two people or none? Our Notion Assignment Tracker is made so that you can have more than one person assigned to a task, have live feedback, and have your hub be visible to team members, so that miscommunication is no longer part of the picture.

I can’t identify bottlenecks or where projects are getting delayed.

Feel like projects are getting lost in the ether but you don’t know why? With our Notion Assignment Tracker, you can have other team members assign you tasks on your behalf, write down your blockers, and leave comments on assignments to bump, so that bottlenecks become resolved in seconds.

Keeping track of revisions and version control is difficult.

When you are working with a fast-paced and detail-oriented team, noticing the difference between “FINAL.pdf” and “FINALFINAL.pdf” can be difficult. With our Notion Assignment Tracker, you can keep track of revisions and have edits be made live, so that you don’t have to worry that you are submitting the wrong document ever again.

It’s hard to monitor the progress of my projects.

Got projects that have multiple stages of review, edits, and deadlines? With our Notion Assignment Tracker, you can check what stage projects are in with a timeline that updates based on your tasks, and create subtasks to break down larger goals.

I miss deadlines all the time!

With our Notion Assignment Tracker, you can set deadlines and have them appear right below your tasks and organize tasks based on urgency so you won’t miss a beat.

What’s Included with Slam’s Notion Assignment Tracker?

The Type-A template has entered the chat. Our tracker is a customizable, collaborative, and efficient project management tool to help you and your team have streamlined and productive workflows.

Monday’s Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Before this Notion Wiki Template, my personal notes, docs, action items were ALL scattered. I finally have a single source of truth, thank goodness!!!! My productivity has skyrocketed - I love this tracker for any creative peeps.

Diana Li Sam
Product Designer @ MongoDB

Slam has proven to be a highly effective design agency among those we have collaborated with. If you're seeking truly exceptional designers who spare no effort in their work, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Slam.

Max Feinberg

How agile and highly competent the entire company is. Everyone we worked with added value. Their processes were seamless and easy to understand

Patrick Starzan
XQ Institute

They are fast, can show results, and since they've worked with big brands similar to ours in the past, they know the industry inside and out. They deeply care about their clients and go above and beyond to make sure we get the best results possible.

LiAnn Ishizuka
Former Product Marketing Lead
Composer Education

Absolutely loved partnering with Slam and will recommend them to all of our portfolio companies.

Sydney Thomas
Founder & General Partner
Symphonic VC

Be Ahead of Deadlines with our Notion Assignment Tracker!

Use our Notion Assignment Tracker template to stay on top of your game and have a productive workflow that will wow your clients and teammates.


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