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Notion Agency Meeting Template

Have your team meetings been feeling unorganized, chaotic, and inefficient? Don’t sweat—we’ve all been there. Now, you can prepare for your agency meetings so they are a breeze with our Notion agency meeting template.
Helping teams work smarter, not harder 😉
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Notion Agency Meeting Template

Ever been in an agency meeting and experienced these painpoints?

As an remote agency, we understand how internal meetings can make or break a sprint and cause either huge successes or major miscommunications. We’ve made (and use this template ourselves!) so our meetings have all pros, no cons.

Meetings are kinda boring. I need them to be more engaging!

With our Notion agency meeting template, you can lead meetings where team members actively participate in asynchronous updates, live edit their tasks based on priorities, and comment on each other’s goals.

I worry that there won’t be any follow-up on meeting action items.

Feeling like meetings talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk? With our template, you can comment on specific action items, tag other team members, and mark progress so everyone stays on track to meet your weekly goals.

Our meetings don’t have enough structure. I feel lost!

Got the Type A blues from unstructured and chaotic meetings? Our template has clear sections that follow a linear and efficient structure, so agendas become the easiest part of your week.

Our meetings last way longer than they should.

With our Notion agency meeting template, you can cut both prepping and actual meeting time by half, so you have more time in your day to check off an extra box on your to-do list.

Our agency has miscommunications on action items.

With dedicated sections for each team member, you’ll be able to see, comment, and review tasks, objectives, blockers, and deadlines.

What’s Included with the Notion Agency Meeting Template?

From walkthroughs to customizable templates, we’re here to to offer step-by-step guidance to help your meetings cruise.

We’ve Helped Monday’s Feel a Whole Lot Easier

From startup founders to nonprofit leaders, our resources have made workflows more efficient, easier to manage, and streamlined—and we’ve got some quotes to prove it!

Slam’s project management is amazing, and they’ve always been willing to incorporate feedback from young people throughout the process. Additionally, they respond very quickly. We use a Monday board to track progress, and at one point, we had weekly meetings to check-in.

Philister Lukacevic
Marketing Director
Peer Health Exchange

How agile and highly competent the entire company is. Everyone we worked with added value. Their processes were seamless and easy to understand

Patrick Starzan
XQ Institute

They are fast, can show results, and since they've worked with big brands similar to ours in the past, they know the industry inside and out. They deeply care about their clients and go above and beyond to make sure we get the best results possible.

LiAnn Ishizuka
Former Product Marketing Lead
Composer Education

They provided training and documentation through Looms, a walk-through, and a hub on Notion where we can go back and check these resources! The Slam team lives and breathes branding & great design!!!

Sabrina Wang
CEO & Executive Coach

We partnered with Slam previously and they go above and beyond to understand our needs from day one. This is why we decided to come back and worked with them again on this UX and design project. They ask the right questions, get back to us quickly, and deliver high-quality work! Truly one of the best experiences working with a marketing and design agency.

Max Feinberg
CTO & Co-Founder

Turn Your Workflow Into a Well-Oiled Machine with Our Notion Agency Meeting Template!

Use our Notion Agency Meeting Template to finish action items quickly, have clear communication, and overall slam dunk your work cadence (your teammates will thank you later).


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