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Lunarsol: Elevating social impact through stunning visual art culture.

Celebrating the artists and campaigns promoting social change through immersive art experiences, murals, and cultural gatherings that engage with their communities.

How can a creative studio best convey its commitment to social change through visual art culture?

Reflecting passion for impactful visual art experiences through website design

Lunarsol isn't your typical creative studio. Lunarsol is an innovation studio weaving visual art culture and social impact for transformative change. They design customized experiences through art activations, murals and public art, exhibitions and curation, participatory creative workshops, and arts based curriculum.

The Project

The Lunarsol team sought a redesign that would tell the creative studio’s unique story, through visually stunning colors, images, and experience as much as through copy. Our color choices—soft pink and purple clouds, intercut with vibrant, textured backgrounds—both keep the work as focal point while exhibiting an artistic touch. Our predominant usage of imagery of their artwork and campaigns throughout the site reflects the powerful creative potency, as well as the sense of collective social drive, that embodies the Lunarsol mission.

What we did

Webflow Design & Development
No-Code Platform and Systems Building
Responsive Website Design
Landing Page Design & Development
On-page Optimization
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Illustration, Motion, and Graphic Design

As someone who deeply believes in sharing critical feedback, Slam was that good, that communicative, that clear-minded, that efficient. They will be my first call for design and I will recommend them to anyone. What was most unique? That all that hard work and great design was delivered with a sense of being on the same team and excited about what we are doing. These are creative people who enjoy the work they do and it shows. We were totally impressed.

Jonathan Darr

Head of Operations and Development



A brand built by artists, for artists

Drawing inspiration from the Lunarsol name, we infused the brand identity throughout design by playing with the concept of mixing dark, cooler sections (Lunar) with vibrant, warm blocks of color (Sol). To add contrast that reflected the positive disruption of social change—while staying true to Lunarsol’s message of collective equity and solidarity—we alternated the swaths of bold colors with visually distinct white backgrounds of pink and purple clouds. This blending of colors and styles achieved a bold, but very soft and smooth, palette, bringing out the typography and reflecting Lunarsol’s unique brand.

While designing Lunarsol's website, we balanced creativity with performance, striking the perfect balance. We added unique animations for a dynamic feel, and to make the website stand out, while maintaining a smooth and user-friendly interface.

Peter Kostov
Webflow Designer & Developer

Immersing visitors in artwork and social campaigns through animations

In order to capture and captivate the visitors landing on the site, we knew we would need to implement animations throughout design to create an immersive experience. We included a striking (but not overwhelming) page loader to increase anticipation. We also added scroll animations which drastically improve the experience of navigating the distinct sections of each page. In addition, the parallax scroll animation on the “About” page displays related assets, playing off the overarching aesthetic of the site by making the content “float.” Lastly, numerous micro-interactions, such as hover states and layering effects, were added to improve overall usability.

Applying technical SEO to a visually dynamic website

As a site focused primarily on artwork and imagery, Lunarsol required ample inclusion of animations, files, and images. Therefore, technical SEO became a focal point to ensure that optimal performance was achieved without sacrificing any of the design choices. By giving extra time and attention to image compressing, alt text, page structure, and heading hierarchy, we were able to optimize for search and site speed while launching a visually dynamic website Lunarsol loved.