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Notion Company Wiki Template

Streamline your company's operations with our comprehensive Notion Company Wiki Hub. From crucial information storage to meeting notes, document management, task tracking, and editorial calendars, this all-in-one HQ wiki hub replaces the need for multiple software solutions.
Rapidly growing companies use this template including:
Slam Media Lab
Character Hub
Notion Company Wiki Template

Tackling Common Pain Points with Our Notion Wiki Template

Our Notion Wiki Template is designed to unify your team's approach to information management, eliminating common organizational challenges and streamlining workflows.

The company has too many silos

Ours did too at some point. This is why we built this on Notion so you can foster a culture of knowledge sharing, documentation, and teamwork, especially beneficial for remote or hybrid teams.

Need a system to keep and document company knowledge

The template safeguards institutional knowledge, ensuring continuity and preventing loss of expertise, especially during employee transitions.

I want to use Notion, but don’t know how to set-up

The company wiki template on Notion is user-friendly and includes guidance for easy setup, even for those unfamiliar with Notion, facilitating quick adoption across the team. Plus, we’ll share a walk-through tutorial video.

Different departments are using different tools

Our Notion wiki template template offers a centralized hub for all teams, ensuring consistent tracking of notes, documents, and tasks. Plus, you can customize based on each team’s needs.

We use too many softwares, need to connect it all

We’ve been there. Using Notion for notes, but Coda or Asana to project manage? Our Notion company wiki template is more than just an HQ. It allows you to PM, create docs, all in one place.

No internal centralized source of truth

Our Notion company wiki template acts as a living repository of institutional knowledge, serving as the go-to source for all company information, thus minimizing knowledge gaps.

What’s Included with our Notion Wiki Template?

Our Notion Wiki Template is a comprehensive hub with a range of features designed to streamline your company's operations and enhance collaboration.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Connie Bazet
Executive Assistant

Slam’s HQ company wiki on Notion has helped my team track EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING all in one place. We’ve been able to connect all of our notes, documents, and tasks, avoiding silos and building a culture of documentation. Rare right?! HIGHLY rec this!!!

Sydney Liu
CEO and Co-founder
Character Hub

This is one of the most comprehensive company knowledge bases I’ve encountered. It’s been a game changer!

Chris Samperisi
Front-end Developer @ Ever-fi

Before this Notion Wiki Template, my personal notes, docs, action items were ALL scattered. I finally have a single source of truth, thank goodness!!!! My productivity has skyrocketed - I love this tracker for any creative peeps.

Diana Li Sam
Product Designer @ MongoDB

Keep Everything in one Place with Slam’s Notion Company Wiki Template

No more figuring out where a document is. Avoid the silos, increase your company’s knowledge base, and continue growing without any worries with Slam’s Company Wiki Template now at a 20% discount.


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