Nancy Peng

Nancy Peng

Webflow Designer & Developer


Slam Media Lab

Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦


Big Idea Thinker
Process Pusher
Speed Builder

Nancy is a keen learner and designer. She went to school for mechanical engineering to fulfill her desire to learn how things work - but between the choice of designing mechanical systems and beautiful websites, she can't turn away from her urge to incorporate visual design in her everyday life. Her visual outlet is not limited to website design, she also enjoys photography, videography, graphic design, and woodworking.

With a background in technical consultation, she is no stranger to exploring new technology and navigating challenging problems with diverse teams and stakeholders. Nancy is able to balance functional and visual design to curate the perfect experience that drives results. When she's not working, you can find her adventuring outdoors with her cameras.

What Inspires you?

Chris Do has been a constant inspiration to me on my journey to become a better designer. He has impressive work ethics and is a great leader in the branding and creative space. He often shares thought-provoking stories and techniques to empower people to make a living doing what they love.